Igbozue Connecticut USA respects their wives at a family night event


On December 13, 2013, Igbozue Connecticut USA held an all-night family party. It was an opportunity for the men of Igbosu to thank their wives. There are many reasons for these men. Those are the women who, among other good things, have been providing hospitable homes throughout the year when band members have monthly meetings.

Igbozue Family Night is an annual event. This special event was surprisingly different from the earlier three main ways: the eventual snowfall, the big fat cake & # 39; IWAC & # 39; and Raffi's victory or loss of anxiety.

Igbozue Connecticut USA is a non-profit organization that promotes social interaction between one of Nigeria's major ethnic groups, Igbos.

The men presented their outstanding gifts, and the women accepted them with admiration. Of all the expressions of gratitude, women danced brilliantly so that only Igbo men understood.

IWAC, the Connecticut Igbo Women's Association, which is a female partner of Igbozue Connecticut, had something wrapped up for one of their members who had retired and was about to move. They wanted to honor him with a gift. After halfway through the party it was still gaining momentum if the recipient showed up.

Then bingo showed. The dancing crowd was getting wilder as Dj played & # 39; Udor Akpuenyi & # 39; (Can't drag the elephant to the beam) by Sunny Bobo.

Unbeknownst to the rhythm of the music, the children danced with great errors, and the old ones danced with measured steps to the beat and the words.

The Honoree, Professor Omaa Chukwurah is a founding member of IWAC. Many blurred eyes and fractured voices emerged as peers gave testimonies and told about their relationship with her. Then it was time to devour the cake.

The undisputed DJ, Oeu Aniafulu, had the right to music. She provided soul and high-quality music that made the guests dance most of the night.

Those present said it was a party to remember. The men were shaking and laughing with their hearts as the women talked and smiled. What began as a shocking night later became one of the most memorable New Year's Eve events.

Raffi was very excited. There were five winners. Mrs. Enne won the first prize in the Godiva Gift Basket with a delicious chocolate bar and cups of tea. Mrs. Lolo Anna Okonquo ​​won a Christmas wreath. Stamford's Oredo family won a number of Wild-Eye table knives and spoons and a fourth prize, & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; how Broccoli's boss lost thirty pounds & # 39; went to Ms Pat Anekwe.

The event took place at the Meriden Connecticut Executive Hotel and Suite. It started on the evening of the 8th with the breaking of the cola nuts and ended at 12.30am with the Champaign toast. Members have come from various locations in Connecticut. A guest came from Stamford. My wife and I came from Sandy Hook.

Food and drink were plentiful. The usual suspects at Ash's tables were goat meat, bitter leaf soup, fried cherry, jellyfish rice, moyo-moi, minced fish, chicken and rice. There was a salad for healthy conscious people.

President of the Association Polycarp Okeke thanked the participants and praised them for supporting the group despite the bad weather, and reminded the guests to drive home safely.