10 things to do before heading to your rental house

If you are planning a cottage vacation this summer, start planning early. It’s all part of the fun – get the kids involved and hold regular family meetings to discuss what you should bring with you, what you plan to do when you get there, and who is responsible for what. Here are some tips to get you started.
1 Read the agreement and the Terms carefully

Be sure to let us know when checking out. Do not plan to arrive earlier than the scheduled time. Owners have little time to change the cottage between guests and often have a lot of work and general upkeep. Arriving early does not mean that you will gain access to the cottage or the waterfront and may have to leave and return again upon arrival
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2 If you plan to take your pet, make sure the pet is approved by the owner

Taking a pet to a cottage is a privilege, not a right. Often, owners will not allow pets in their property because their children have allergies or simply do not like dogs or cats. Please respect this and do not embarrass the owner to ask you to leave and find alternative accommodation for your pet.
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3 Buy a good map of the area, plan a route and offer an alternative

The main summer cottages get crowded on weekends. Buy a MapArt book that covers the area you visit and plan your route well in advance. Make sure you follow the instructions from the owner or agency. Put directions, cottage address and access details in a clearly labeled plastic folder. This should be the first thing you put in your car and the last thing you check!
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4 Write a pack list and call all the family to add it to your list

When you arrive at the cottage late at night, 15 kilometers down the country road, it is not time to realize that you have forgotten to pack toilet paper. Most cottages will have supplies so this may be an extreme example, but good packaging lists are vital to remembering all the little things that make self-catering more comfortable.
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5. Check how many stores are closing in the area

The cottage stores remain open later in the summer season, but not as late as the city. It might be better to stop earlier rather than later if you plan to pick up groceries along the way.

6 Buy water shoes

Zebra mussels are common in many lakes despite all efforts by the lake to prevent them. They are sharp razors and can cause quite painful cuts. I would recommend wearing water shoes wherever you go, especially for children. They are also useful if you are in an area where the lake bed is soft and shiny, unless you like to peek between your toes!
7 Find out if life jackets have been delivered and check the sizes

Legal lifejackets or personal floatation devices (PFDs) are the right size for passengers in each ship. Of course it is far safer and more reasonable to wear them! Some cottage owners will supply a choice of PFDs, but you need to be sure they fit correctly or you may be subject to a heavy penalty. If in doubt, buy yours.

8 Purchasing a fishing license

If you plan to fish, even at the dock, buy a fishing permit. Visit the Fish Ontario website for more details. In summer, the Lakes patrol the OPP just like the roads, so make sure you have the correct display permit.

9 Make sure you know the size of the bed
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If your cottage doesn’t deliver bedding, check the sizes before you go. Trying to get full size sheets on the queen bed is not what you want to do the first night. Most owners will supply bedding for large beds, but it is best to check that as well. And if you are planning to use a sofa bed or a sofa bed in the cottage, ask the owner if she is getting overalls, blankets and pillows for these items.

10 If you are going on holiday with friends, decide on the basic rules before you go

This is the topic of another article, so for now, plan a few get-togethers with your friends to discuss how you plan to make the holiday for all of you. Talk about your expectations and be realistic and honest about anything you might not be willing to compromise on. Sleeping time for children and eating patterns are often problems that become incongruous.

Good planning will pay dividends in creating a stress-free vacation. Start well in advance and have a great time.


Make your vacation special with affordable rental homes in Hawaii

Hawaii offers great opportunities for both adventure sports and nature lovers. Poipu Beach, the best vacation spot on Kauai Island, exposes bumpy mountains and canyons, while the quiet ocean draws just behind. So while you can enjoy lazy walks on magnificent beaches, you can also take part in many adventure sports such as snorkeling, kayaking and hiking.
With rentals for every budget, resorts, apartments and basic cottages are located close to the region’s attractions.
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Choices for rent in Hawaii range from modern air-conditioned apartments, large one-bedroom apartments and basic cottages, to a glass-fronted resort in front of the sea. For those who love their privacy, rental options include quiet cottages with a small garden – minus the telephone. If you have a larger budget, you can opt for a luxury spa suite complete with ocean and pool views. The houses have modern conveniences, and depending on your budget, you can also opt for places with LCDs, DVD players and movies on request.
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Most rental properties are close to local attractions such as Poipu Beach Park, Shipwreck Beach and Brennecke Beach. There are opportunities to cheer up, enjoy exploring geological attractions such as Spouting Horn and cruising on coastal bikes along the ocean front.
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The place is known for kayaking paradise and the Wailua River is one of the popular hot spots. Snorkeling is also a great attraction, and the clear waters near Kauai offer opportunities to explore the beautiful underwater world. If you are staying in a house by the coast, make sure to visit Anini Beach, where you can see beautiful coastal fish and coral.
Nearby there are state parks where you can enjoy hiking adventures. Hiking trails lead you to mountains, waterfalls and magnificent coastline. You can also visit the Kalalau Valley, home to exotic varieties of flora and fauna. For an opportunity to sample local delicacies and to find a few small items to take home, Poipu Shopping market is a good destination.
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It features a chain of restaurants with popular coastal dishes. Kapaa and Waimea also have their share of attractions that have made them a favorite of holidaymakers. The beauty of the place made it a favorite for filmmaking, so you can enjoy guided tours to movie locations.
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Kauai is known for its great natural attractions. Choose to rent a home in Hawaii to enjoy a great stay with the Pacific.
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Holiday homes on Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a really great place to escape and enjoy your vacation. There are 60 miles of sandy beaches and more than 100 golf courses to enjoy. Known as the Grand Strand, the Myrtle Beach area is truly a fantasy for couples and families.
Many families rent Myrtle Beach vacation rentals from owners in the beach area. These holiday homes are villas, apartments, cabins, lodges and apartments. These are also beachfront homes and golf apartment rentals, and most bookings can be made online.
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Myrtle Beach Vacation Home is the perfect beach vacation spot for your family with its sandy beaches, blue sea and nightlife at golf courses and outlets around you. Myrtle Beach Vacation Home offers a beachfront holiday that is fun and relaxing for you and your family. There is so much to do. . If you decide to rent an apartment, you will enjoy other amenities such as a health club and a swimming pool. Many apartments sit right on the seafront and have spectacular panoramic views.
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Just make sure that when you are looking for a rental apartment in Myrtle Beach, check the rules for children and animals. Check for any extra costs other than booking and rental costs. Some owners require a deposit. Always check the contents of the condo according to the inventory list, to make sure they don’t charge you something that was never there. And of course, make sure the holiday home is the one you saw in the picture.
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How to evaluate cottages and get the most out of your summer vacation

Spending a week or two on the lake, either in a rental cottage or in a fishing village that has cottages, can make for a fun and memorable vacation. It is not easy to evaluate which rental homes have the right combination of location, facilities and equipment for your group.
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One of the first questions you ask yourself is whether you prefer to watch private cottages or prefer to look at fishing and tourist spots. Private cottages have some advantages that may be desirable depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a quiet secluded location or want really extravagant accommodation, private cottages will be a good choice for you. Unfortunately, private cottages do not offer many other features that will really make the difference between a good vacation and a great one.
Fishermen’s settlements have a number of advantages over private cottages. They usually offer a much wider range of equipment and amenities. Some of the most important are boat rentals, playgrounds and convenient fishing. If you are looking for a boat for a vacation while on vacation, there are almost always boats available in fishing villages. They usually provide lifejackets and will offer basic training in safety and boat operation.
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If you rent a private cottage, it will almost never have a playground on site. For families with children, it is necessary to have a playground on site, preferably one near the cottages. Importantly, they offer a good selection of playground equipment, which usually consists of swings, slides and climbing equipment. It’s a great bonus if they have extra items, like a merry-go-round or playroom.
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Finding a rental home on a suitable fishing lake can also be an important issue for many people. Family trips can often be the best part of a vacation for both children and adults. There are plenty of lakes in Ontario that offer great fishing, but there are many others that are better for nautical and swimming and are not good fishing lakes. There are many reasons why this might be the case, but if you want to make fishing your summer vacation, you must ensure that the lake you choose has good quality and sustainable fishing.

There are a number of other factors that can also be important when choosing a location. Fire pit, water accessories such as water trampolines and displayed in decks can all add to your overall enjoyment.

By collecting as much information as you can about each potential weekend resort, you can properly evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and make an informed decision.


Rental Marketing – 4 Powerful Tips for Legal Positioning

There are some things about the vacation rental market that are legal benefits and you will want to know about them before you get involved in renting a home as a vacation rental.

  1. Contract / reservation Contract. If you rented an apartment using a regular lease, drop it off. Here's why. Leasing gives you a tenancy and could literally take months to evict a person from your property, depending on the eviction process and location of the property. Instead, use a catering contract that legally allows you to impose an immediate departure for breach of contract. Make the first page of a booking agreement as an app so it feels more like a privilege than a sales pitch. This sets the tone for respecting your business and your assets.
  2. Deposits. Consider not taking deposits. If you accept credit cards, enter something in the contract that allows them to charge their credit card for damages that exceed normal usage. A damage deposit is usually not enough to cover most of the damage; and the costs of collecting and returning damage deposits are elusive. Buy deposit insurance through an insurance company, allowing you to file a claim for damages (up to $ 1500) with your insurance company. You charge a $ 50 non-refundable fee; which covers insurance costs; and earn some extra profit to boot!
  3. Holiday insurance. Offer your guests a vacation rental insurance, which covers situations where the guest may have to cancel the rental refund. Compensation is heavy in this business because for the time period during which the holiday booking was booked you could not rent it. Even if you do, the work doubles for the same amount of cash flow. Offering vacation rentals (up to 7% of rental costs) will bring you a small extra income. Include a disclaimer that if they decide not to buy insurance that a refund will not be possible. That way, if you get a guest who wants a last-minute refund and tries to come up with a reason to terminate the contract, you can direct them to the insurance company to file a claim; or you can remind them that they have given up buying holiday insurance.
  4. Local hospitality taxes. Many cities are still unaware of holiday accommodations and do not consider them taxable. However, some cities require you to be licensed or certified; other cities require a hospitality tax payable if your rental is 7 days or less. Make an informed decision about how to handle your hospitality tax.

Lake Hubbard Michigan Getaway

Make Lake Hubbard Michigan your next vacation. The lakes offer quiet water holidays for boating, fishing, canoeing and many other summer water sports. Regardless of the season, the scenery on the lake is one of the best family destinations for the price. There are many hotels surrounding the picturesque lake. You should consider romantic couples retreating to Lake Hubbard Michigan as a way to start or re-start a fire in their relationship. Many have opted for their wedding on this fairytale lake.

Located in Michigan County in northern Alcona, on the lower Hubbard Peninsula, it covers 8,850 acres and is one of the state's largest natural lakes. The streams that enter the Lake are:

oWest River Branch


oHolcomb Creek

Your accommodation in Lake Hubbard is a rental accommodation, cottage, resort or hotel. For those of you who like to get along rough, the Ossineke State Forest Campground is located just 13 miles from Hubbard Lake. In most cottages you will find a boat dock to enjoy a boat or canoe ride. Although gas prices are high, Airfare not only saw a decrease in airplanes but also an increase in airfare prices. Driving a car or renting a car can be a more economical way to travel. Access points for the boat with parking for trailers are:

oEast Bay (Northeast) (state-owned)

oLarge branch river on the southeast coast (state-owned)

o North Bay along the northwest coast (city-owned)

Agape's on the Bay, a new Bed & Breakfast, is a dream of nature lovers. With accommodation for 150 guests and huge banquet facilities, Agape & # 39; s is a short trip from Lake Hubbard, 11 kilometers away. During the spring and summer months, there are many parties on the lake and in the surrounding areas where vacations are often welcome.

There are many reasonable fishing charters that reveal where fish bite. An avid and beginner fisherman will benefit from the many boat rental services in the area. Winter in Lake Hubbard offers ice fishing lovers the opportunity to try their patience and determination in the frigid elements. Hubbard Lake is stocked with:


oYellow Perch

oRock Bass

oSmall Mouth Bass

oBrown trout

oRainbow trout

Churchill Point Inn is a favorite among tourists; This historic lake before 1920 offers its guest one of the most beautiful accommodations available to nature. If you are looking for a home-made meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Millie's Home Cookin offers a family atmosphere, service and meal choices for your palette.

You can golf at the White Pine Golf Resort, bike, hike or snowboard on the Chippewa Hills Road and in the Reid Lake Foot Travel Area. Other golf courses within 30 miles are:

oAlpena Golf Club

oSpringport Hills Golf Course

oGreenbush Golf Course

oRose Golf Course

The airports near Hubbard Lake are:

oAlpena (APN)

oOscoda Wurtsmith (OSC)

oWest Branch Community (Y31)

oOtsego County (GLR)

If you're looking for the perfect vacation, plan your trip to Michigan today.


Vacation Home Rentals – 4 Things You Need to Know!

Want a vacation rental in Spain but don't want to be fooled or spend money on a home that you thought was your best choice, only to find that you made a big mistake? Or you are interested in cheap vacation rentals in Spain … or even a package deal!

Below are some solid tips to help you find and rent a holiday home without any hassle and trouble, and even save you money.

You know what you get

When looking for short term vacation rentals in Spain, everything should be included. Always double check your hidden costs in your account. Do you have Wi-Fi or internet? Is it basic or premium? Does the price include whole months? Maybe the internet is free up to the first 5 gigabytes.

What if you have to leave early? will you receive a partial refund? They might tell you everything is on, but check invoices just to be sure, as it can be up to a certain amount.

Knowledge of managers

Knowing the manager of a vacation home is very important. Your contract should state that the correct contact information is for you when you need help. What if your washing machine or hot water is no longer working … and you have 3 weeks left to rest.

Try to keep your contact information inside and outside the holiday home so you can always get in touch. If you can get another person to contact, do it! Make sure you have at least the owner's phone and email.

Family and pets

If you are a pet, look for a pet holiday in Spain! Imagine traveling all the way to your holiday home only to find out that pets are not allowed in the home. Some dislike when previous guests had a pet (hygiene).

Or if you have 3 kids and the guest room only has a king sized bed … that could be a big problem. Make sure you look at enough pictures of the house to be sure. Check the location … is it safe for children? Is it close to local activities?

Reservation of wounds

Book early to make sure everything is as promised. At certain times of the year, villa rentals are very busy for the holidays, so try to book early. You can look for a holiday with a little off season availability to get better deals.

Don't be shy and contact the property owner / manager, most of these holiday accommodations have a package deal. Maybe they could offer a rental car, cheap flights, attractive tickets and more … Just ask and see for yourself.

Now you have the tips you need to rent a holiday home that fits your needs.


Discovering North Georgia from beautiful rental cabins

With the sublime Blue Ridge Mountains, cascading waterfalls and adventure trails, North Georgia has never disappointed anyone. The happier call it their home, and others like to spend some time in this perfect postcard spot. Having a few nice and cozy rental cabins, especially in Union County, only means good news for anyone who loves a generous blend of nature and adventure.

Many who come for hiking, fishing, or just relaxing vacations often choose to rent cabins because it gives them an extra dimension to the overall experience. Most importantly, there is hardly a better place than the beautiful locales where Union County booths are set up, where flowers and trees, grass and clouds come together to create North Georgia's most enthralling symphony.

Rental cabins are often in one or two bedroom styles and are in a relatively isolated area. Bordered by forests or closer to mountains and streams, staying in these cabins is a great idea for anyone who would like to spend some time in the midst of flowers and natural wonders. The cabins are fully furnished, have fully equipped kitchens and water and water supply. Covered porches are also very common. The cabins boast all the modern amenities that would make the stay a unique blend of comfort and convenience. It's like living a modern life in an environment reminiscent of ancient times.

There is no better way to enjoy the excitement of staying in a rental cabin in Union County, North Georgia. Many of them are just minutes away from the Appalachian Trail and Vogel State Park. This makes them an ideal place to relax after a long day of hiking, biking or riding a motorcycle. Chattahoochee National Forest is a place where numerous cabins and holiday apartments are available. Because this area is also designated Appalachian Botanical Sanctuary, nature is best preserved in this area.

Union County is known for its hospitality. There is hardly anything that can match the heat exuded by Blairsville, Helen and other hill towns. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that apart from the amenities added to these spaces over time, the same atmospheric attitude still atmosphere the place. One of the best places to experience this in North Georgia is the cabins that stand alone in the middle of the woods and offer fantastic views, especially of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

North Georgia's scenic vacation spots are often brought in by families who want to have a great time. If adventure is not specifically on their list, they can enjoy riding the beautiful winding road of Blue Ridge Mountain. In addition, many rental cabins offer fun activities such as horseback riding, which includes summer camps and lessons, fishing, playgrounds, hayrides and more.

Also, being at a convenient distance from the towns of Union County, North Georgia, these cabins offer easy access to Blue Ridge, Ellijay, and shopping centers. What better to remember this place than buying souvenirs from local shops?


Tips for Renting a Vacation Home on Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard rental is available in every town on the vineyard. If you want to be close to major island activities, you can find rentals in Oak Bluffs, Edgartown and Vineyard Haven. Or, if you prefer tranquility, you can find vacation rentals in West Tisbury, Aquinnah, Menemsha and Chappaquiddick that will suit your style.

Martin's vineyards are larger than many people realize. While oak bluffs, Haven Vineyards and even Edgartown are easily reached by ferries, West Tisbury, Chappaquiddick and other areas require a little more time and effort. Ferries from Woods Hole and Hyannis, MA, go to the terminals at Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven.

So, if you are renting a house in these cities, you will be within minutes. House rentals in Edgartown will be 10-25 minutes away from the ferry terminals. Vacation rentals in Aquinna or Tisbury will be 25-45 minutes from the ferry. Renting at Chappaquiddick requires a short crossing on another ferry to Chappaquiddick Island.

Vineyard vacation rentals come in all sizes and price ranges. There are simple 1 or 2 bedroom cottages and there are beautiful rental properties with more than 5 bedrooms, swimming pools, tennis courts and more.

Recently, President Obama rented a vacation home that contained expansive grounds, abundant privacy, and amenities suitable for the President.

When looking for a rental, keep in mind that there are only a few large supermarkets on the island. If you plan to eat frequently or stock up for a week, this may be fine, but if you expect to get food a few times, you might want to consider how far it will be until the store.

You may also want to consider the proximity of the lease to your major winery attractions. Most of the activities and attractions are near Oak Bluffs, Edgartown and Vineyard Haven, and these 3 cities are within 10-15 minutes of each other. If you are renting a house in Aquinas, plan to drive 30-50 minutes to reach the restaurants and shops in those cities.

Many renting Martha's Vineyard will not allow dogs. Of course, some do, and if you need a home that allows dogs, just make sure you check with your rental agent or owner.

The temperature at the vineyard becomes colder at night, so most of the rented rooms do not have air conditioning and are usually not needed for a comfortable sleep. However, if you think you may need air conditioning, be sure to check for rentals that you think have this feature.

Of course Martha's Vineyard is an island and many holiday apartments are within walking distance of the beach. Although there are many great public beaches on the Vineyard, there are also many excellent private beaches and you can generally have access to these beautiful beaches if your rental house is nearby.

The rent will generally require payment throughout the week as well as a security deposit which will be refunded assuming no damage at the end of the rental period.


Vacation Rentals, Apartment or Hotel? Vacation Planning Strategies!

Wondering if you should choose a hotel or holiday apartment for your next vacation?

Here are some questions to help you decide:

Is it a cost factor at all?

Of course, there are cheap hotels and high-end holiday apartments. But when you evaluate hotels and apartments of the same general class, you will always save money by staying in a vacation rental. The main factor? Food and drink! Even if you eat every meal outside and only have drinks and snacks in the rental apartment, you will save significantly because renting is like your home. Breakfast at your new vacation home and packing a picnic sandwich will save you extra. Think of all the $ 2 water bottles you bought on vacation and all the hotel breakfasts your kids didn't eat ($ 14 each)! Save even more by cooking a few meals at your holiday home. Some nights you get tired and don't really want to go to a restaurant, but at your hotel your only alternative is cheap room service!

Do you like to stretch out?

Dollar for dollar, you will get much more space in your vacation apartment. Our Kauai Resort Condo has 1200 square feet for the price of a 300 square meter room in a hotel with similar amenities. In the apartment you can move around, sleep in the bedroom while others play music in the living room or just feel that you are not crowded in the rest area. If it is raining or if you get sick and you all stay inside, you will love more rooms than just a room!

Do you want quality time with your family or friends?

In the holiday apartment you feel like returning home between activities or when you return overnight. Grab a drink or snack from the fridge, play poker with friends or puzzles with your kids. You will enjoy your free time, whether it's a family vacation or friends traveling together.

Do you like to get lots of free items?

Most holiday home rentals leave a lot of extra goodies for guests. In our Kauai condo, for example, we provide guide books, Hawaiian history, language, and even cook books, Hawaiian music CDs, and DVDs of every movie made on Kauai. We also offer boogie boards, diving equipment and many other accessories. The vacation rental we were staying in at one time gave us the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking one bookshelf so you could leave the book you finished and pick it up for a plane at home. At the hotel you simply get shampoo or mint on your pillow! Another vacation rental we used to used to provide riddles and board games for guests. We thought it was nice, but unnecessary, until a huge storm forced our party, eight family members between the ages of two and 88, to stay inside for almost two days! The games were very helpful to us, and the extra vacation rental room (see second point above) kept us from going crazy! Now we also offer board games!

Try accommodation for your next vacation! Have a luxury vacation for less! It's the best vacation deal!