Pets and your holiday homes and apartments – the real truth

So, you bought a vacation home or condo and now you are trying to decide if you want to allow pets. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I get more reservations if I allow pets in my holiday home?
  • Will renters not want to rent my holiday home because I have pets to pet?
  • Are Pets Really Damaging Vacation Rentals?
  • If I say no pets, can I really apply that rule?
  • What kind of pets should I allow if I choose to allow them?
  • How Many Pets Should Be Allowed?
  • Am I trying to rent my holiday home to guests with pet allergies?
  • If I choose to allow pets what should I do to minimize any associated risks?
  • After all it should be considered whether to allow pets?

Here are my tips and suggestions based on 8 years of experience and owning 7 holiday homes.

Will I get more reservations if I allow pets in my holiday home?

It has been our experience that allowing pets has increased our rent. If you refuse pets, you will lose your rental to anyone who wants a vacation with their pet. This becomes a matter of balancing the number of rents lost due to the rejection of pets, against the number of lost rentals due to renters with allergies. They may not be eager to stay if you occasionally have pets in your rental house. However, keep in mind that we have rules regarding the type of pet, the number of pets, and the activity of the pets. We also have renters who bring pets and bring them to sign pet shelves.

Will renters not want to rent my home because I allow pets at my vacation home?

Some renters will already have in mind that holiday homes that allow pets are dirty, fragrant and torn down. You won't be able to change your mind, so don't even bother trying. Such renters are likely to be a renter problem anyway. Some allergy renters will also avoid your home, but in our experience, there are fewer of them than pet owners.

Are Pets Really Damaging Vacation Rentals?

Although some pets do, the vast majority do not damage vacation rentals. You would never know that a pet has never been there. Most pet owners who travel with their pets have cleanly maintained homes. They expect their pets to behave in their own home i while on vacation. These types of renters will always ask you if they can bring their pet to your home. These are not the renters and pets you need to worry about. Pets to be wary of are those who are not used to traveling or even being indoors.

Unfortunately, there are some renters who rarely admit to bringing a pet because they anticipate damage or at least a mess. Protecting a good pet is more effective than just banning pets. Banning them will not ensure that renters will in no way bring them in and try to pull in.

If I say no pets, can I really enforce this rule?

We do not go out immediately and say that pets are allowed in our holiday homes, but rather ask the renters to inquire about the pets. We found this works very well. The renters will then ask us about the pets and we can find out what kind of pets they intend to bring, etc. We are then able to inform them of our pet policy and ask them to sign the pet policy. I use the pet policy found at This pet policy has everything I need and can also accommodate my individual needs.

You can also request an additional security deposit for all renters who bring their pets. It is our experience that the problem is not the renters who have told us about their pets, but the problem is the renters trying to sneak in their pets.

If you know in advance that certain renters will have pets in your holiday home, you can let your property management know. They can check for problems while the renters are there, and they can more closely check for damage after check-out. Notice managing the property of all pets that will reside in your holiday home. Insist that your management staff report any unauthorized pets in your home immediately.

What kind of pets should I allow?

Most renters travel with a small dog or cat. Very little travel with a large dog because a large dog takes up so much space in the vehicle and usually this room is used for people and luggage. Dog and cat renters will usually have them with their pet carrier. Most renters do not want an insincere pet to accompany them on vacation.

How Many Pets Should Be Allowed?

How many pets you allow for a vacation rental depends on the size of your rental. If your home is a 3 bedroom vacation home and a guest wants to bring 4 dogs, I think it's a bit much. Indeed, it is up to you to decide whether to allow any exceptions, but only do so if you are comfortable.

After all it should be considered whether to allow pets?

In most cases, it is more cost-effective to allow pets than reject them. Most people who tell you they bring a pet are never a problem. You have problems when they try to hide a pet you have problems. It is generally better to allow pets and insist on full disclosure. Have renters sign a pet policy to encourage them to be responsible and to have a security deposit to ensure liability.

When all is said and done, I travel with my pet. If you are traveling with your pet, you know how difficult it is sometimes to find accommodation suitable for both your family and your pet. As a pet owner and owner of a rental home that sympathizes with this dilemma, I allow pets in my vacation home.