5 questions to ask before you say yes to renting this vacation

As with any proper escape, there must be some level of thinking before "hitting the road". Vacation rentals are many and varied, but important for top-notch planning, and now you have something that is both tempting and exciting. Choosing the right destination, however, makes whimsy a little less fun. If you are not thinking about what a vacation can hold for you and your loved ones, you are bound not to enjoy yourself as much. Isn't that the purpose of the holiday at all?

Before you book your next big trip, be sure to ask yourself these five questions. It may just make the difference between O.K. vacation and epic vacation:

1. How much time do I have to travel? Whether it's a long weekend, a two-week break, or a one-month trip, you need to know how much time you have to work to know how your choice of destination will use as much time as possible for fun. For example, if you have a weekend and decide to travel from New Mexico to Australia, you will actually be on a plane all summer. One thing to keep in mind, too, is to refrain from keeping an hour running about how long your vacation is. Relax!

2. What do I need in terms of accommodation? Everyone in your family has desires and needs, so building a checklist of these items will help narrow down your choice of destination. Why spend your vacation somewhere you want to go? There are too many star-studded holiday homes to be left disappointed.

3. Do we want to bring our own equipment? If you are traveling in winter, for example, there is a chance that you will be snowing somewhere. Do you bring your own skis or snowboard? Do you own a room or should you rent it? The same thought applies to warm weather equipment. Why wander around so much when you don't need it at all?

4. How do I want to spend the day / night? If you are planning on doing something fun, you need to know what to pack. You may want to plan for both, but keep in mind how much you pack. Also think about whether these little trips will span the whole family or just be a grown up time.

5. Do I travel during rush hour? Do some work and look at local event calendars to make sure you don't travel during the busy season, and if so, try to figure out how to book to get the most out of your expectations. A phone call is all it takes to get the information you need.

Vacation rentals as a whole are an amazing part of what makes traveling so much fun. As long as you think a bit before planning your trip, you will be ready for all the horrors that await you.