Need help creating your AirBnb Cleaning Checklist and Vacation Homes?

Whether you are renting your home through Airbnb or planning a family reunion on your vacation property is crucial. Before packing a bag or posting a list, your residence must be clean, organized and ready to be enjoyed. The following is a Must Have Cleaning Solution Checklist.

A cleaning list for your Airbnb or vacation home

1. Bathroom

Bathtub, shower, sink and floor tiles wiped clean, sanitary and lit between rentals or vacations. The inside and outside of the toilet, under the rim and around the tiles must also be cleaned and cleaned. Don't forget the mirrors. They will need that great glass cleaner to make sure that you or your guest reflections are crystal clear. Instead of a candle, use a flavored plug. Citrus or floral is the best choice of bathroom. Oh, and don't forget to lay down the toilet paper. A few stacked under the sink works great.

2. Kitchen

Start with a sink and wipe with a whitening product. Next, clean and polish the taps and buttons. Also, with the disposal of garbage, baking soda and white vinegar pass through it. Now the fridge. Even if the blank is cleaned and cleaned. The tip is to keep a box of baking soda with the top half open in the refrigerator between leftovers. Wipe and clean counters, do the same as window sills and hoops. You may need to take a toothbrush with baking soda or a tile mortar. The furnace also needs attention. Clean the cutter cover with grease as well as the inside of the stove and the stove top. If the cooker has a self-cleaning function, start it yourself. Thoroughly wiping the floor, especially in the corners, is required before shaving with a floor cleaner. Adding scent to the plug-in will reduce the scent of cleaning.

3. Bedroom

Clean sheets and blankets are everything. Vacuum every part of the room, even under the bed. The drying sheets in the drawers will also give off a fresh, clean scent. Make sure the drawer liners are clean and replace if damaged or damaged. You can also add the scent of the supplement here. Clean linen is the best choice. Remember the closet – it will need to be vacuumed and ventilated. A partially open box of baking soda or some skirts in the closet between visits is also key to fresh, optional cabinets.

4. Living rooms / common areas

Living rooms, dining rooms and dining areas need good vacuuming and / or cleaning and wet cleaning between visits. Dust and cleaning all wooden surfaces with furniture cleaners are also important. Cleaning the glass on the television screen or any glass cabinet door is crucial, as is the light spray of fabric freshener on all furniture cushions. Be sure to check all the lamps to make sure the bulbs are working, and remember to dust the curtains inside as well as outside. Vacuum and wipe all air and heating openings.

After the cleaning list is complete, you will need to go for a walk. Think of it as entering a new house or hotel room and see what it looks like. Careful attention to all rooms will ensure a happy visit to your holiday home with friends and family, as well as happy Airbnb customers who will evaluate your space after your visit. You will want the best ratings every time!

The best bet for the top ratings and clean Airbnb or vacation facility is to rent a Maid service. It’s not just for permanent homes and offices!