1931 Yorktown commemorative postage stamp

[ad_1] Two cent stamps dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown were first issued in 1931. On October 19. These beautiful commemorative stamps were sold in post offices in Yorktown, Virginia, and Utterfield, Connecticut. Stamp collectors could send up to 10 addressed emails during the first day of issue for the first […]

Waterbury CT Historic Houses. Benedict-Miller House

[ad_1] Located just north of the three blocks of the mountain range, the Benedict-Miller House, the visual hub of this historic district, is perfectly located from the Green City of Whitecourt, Connecticut. The three-storey colored house is built on a monumental scale with many doors, criss-cross diagonals and ornate wooden case details. It was built […]

Moved. America & # 39; s Top Ten Most Holy Cities

[ad_1] Every year Money Magazine evaluates hundreds of American cities to help people who may want to move to find the best new place to settle. The magazine compiles statistics on various factors such as access to housing, job growth, transportation time, schools, weather, access to health care, recreation opportunities, crime rates and quality of […]

Interesting Mark Twain Facts

[ad_1] My interest in Mark Twain was ignited by a 2002 Mark Burns documentary, Mark Twain. It was the volume of requests for information about his time at Reading that followed the release of a documentary that sparked my life's interest. People were shocked to know that he lived and died in Reading, Connecticut, and […]

Provider Overview – MassMutual Annuities

[ad_1] MassMutual was originally founded in 1851 by George Wolf. By Rice. Rice was an insurance agent for a Connecticut life insurance company that wanted to open a similar business in Massachusetts. He started Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, which became a real mutual company – a company owned by his insurers – shortly after […]

Tobacco. Cigarette growing

[ad_1] Tobacco everywhere Tobacco is grown all over the world, from Poland to South Africa, from Argentina to Canada, and from the western Philippines to Mexico. But cigar tobacco is mainly grown in the suburbs. Origin of cigarettes Tobacco is known as a plant native to America. Some species have been found in the South […]

Stamford CT Historic Luxury Homes. Marion Castle

[ad_1] One of Stamford Connecticut's most beautiful historic homes is the Marion Castle, built in 1914 by Frank Marion, one of the pioneers of the first early movement paintings. Shipan Pint, located on this stunning splendor of Nefronian Renaissance on One Rogers Road, exemplifies the era of Stamford's emergence in the early 19's from the […]