Our country was founded on Christian values.

[ad_1] The Declaration of Independence proclaimed the independence of 13 British colonies in America and was adopted by the Continental Congress on 4 July 1776 in Philadelphia. The celebration was first celebrated in 1776. On July 8, then, the Declaration of Independence was read aloud. Until 1941, no legal leave was announced. Today we celebrate […]

Tin Can Alarm Clock

[ad_1] The other day I picked up a book that seemed pretty interesting to me. The author, Dennis Sagwold, is a watchmaker and watchmaker who has been trading since 1965. Dennis owned and operated his own store for ninety years. For the past thirty years he has been conducting research and collecting alarm clocks. Tinted […]

New homes in Ridgefield

[ad_1] Location: Frequent travelers will absolutely rejoice in this city. As a part of Connecticut's southwest, Ridfield is a convenient city to live in, as it is only a few miles from the three states of Mill County and New York City. It is also close to its neighbor, Danbury, and has a steady population […]

No one is left behind, who is getting rich?

[ad_1] 2002 The law "No Child Left Behind" signed by President George W. Bush on January 8 changed the way schools should deal with their student populations. While the verdict still depends on whether the NCLB benefits all schools across the country, the question still remains to be asked whether it even matters. After all, […]

Scarlet Knights to avoid disaster

[ad_1] The magical season of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team made an almost terrifying turnaround Sunday night due to the stubbornness of the Connecticut Huskies, who were unable to keep the troops, and thought Rutgers was causing so much trouble. After a third-quarter third down, the Knights managed to retake UConn thanks to the […]

Colleges with special dyslexia programs

[ad_1] While many colleges offer some type of placement for students with dyslexia and other learning problems, very few have full-service services and programs that address the special needs of these students. However, there are such actions, and in particular three colleges stand out from the pack. Curry College, Near Boston, has a Learning Advancement […]