Are there such things as the power of the old man?

You know, going to the gym is not the only way to get stronger. In fact, there is a huge difference between being strong in the stadium and being strong in real life. It's totally possible to be in good shape and strong – and I mean really strong without ever walking the gym.

How is that possible? Are these guys just genetic outbreaks? Let me tell you that it is possible or not, you do not have to be a genetic abnormality in great shape and what I like to call "real life strong".

My dad is a great example of a guy who is really strong, but he has never worked one day in his life. He did, however, a lot of manual work. He was always working on outdoor items, building materials, working with wood or other items. I am on the extreme side. I worked after I was in high school in Connecticut.

I really started taking fitness seriously when I finally started growing and getting stronger. By the time I hit my senior year and I was playing soccer, I was able to drop 275 pounds and was really proud of myself.

Everything was frustrating, though one day when my father needed help getting rid of a few large rocks out of the grass. The area where we lived in Connecticut was mountainous with these huge rocks everywhere. In our backyard it seemed they were growing every time, so we had to dig them out and move them in a wheelchair.

For a year my father wanted to get rid of some of the peculiarly large cliffs of property, so we forced him to dig.

When the dirt was removed, I went in to move the stones. Knowing how strong I had gotten, I imagined I could take care of most of it myself. I was shocked, even though I learned that I would hardly even give them a budget. But my father, the boy who had never worked one day in his life, was able to move everyone on his own.

I was shocked. I couldn't believe that this "old man" I knew I could pull on any car in the weight room was still "strong" to me when it came to real life. I began to regard it as "the power of the old man."

Today I & nbsp; At 39, I'm a little wiser, and I realize that my father didn't develop the "power of the old man", but he actually developed the "hybrid power" without even trying. The activities he did around the house almost every day gave him physical edges that were hard to replicate in the gym.

Many of our regular training habits isolate individual muscles, which our bodies are not really designed to work with. Things that my father did, though he would gather several muscle groups at a time, and even more importantly, would require both strength and endurance, such as hybrid training.

And what he did during these operations was the development of hybrid type III muscle, which is really "optimal" muscle fiber because it not only gives it strength but it can also maintain that power. periods: Ordinary Type I or Type II fibers can do this, they generally sit on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Regular gym training focuses on the development of type I, type IIa and IIb non-hybrid muscle fibers. And since my dad was developing Type III muscle fibers, he had much more real life power than I did. Sure, I could throw the brawl out of him in the gym, but there was no competition in real life. I licked.

Of course, my father was not the only example of someone who, incidentally or by design, trained and processed hybrid muscles, developing hybrid type III muscles.

Rocky IV is another great example of the power of the real world against the power of the stadium. In the film, Rocky trains in the mountains, focusing on his real-world power to perform hybrid training and hybrid type III muscle development.

On the contrary, the Russian boy trains in this futuristic high-tech gym using scientifically designed racetracks and training equipment. Yes, the guy looked pretty muscular, but when it came to fighting, his gym muscles were nowhere near matched by Rocky's real strength.

So you see, even though science has tried to find all sorts of interesting ways for boys to be bigger, stronger and leaner when it comes to real results, the basic functions and power of the real world still win every time.