Divorce and the current economic climate – it pays to agree with the expert

Let's face it; the economy is in a great decline. For many, times are not just economical, but they are also hard at home. Unfortunately, for the latter the course of action is often to divorce. However, in a tough economy, the cost of divorce, which averages $ 25,000- $ 40,000, can be very difficult.

In an article titled "Breaking Difficult to Do More" in the February 2, 2009, issue of the Connecticut Law Tribunal, many divorce attorneys saw economic downturns fuel economic growth. More clients are choosing to file a preliminary lawsuit (meaning they have chosen to file and not to have a lawyer), or delay divorce proceedings because they have not run out of money. Unfortunately, some couples have even decided to abstain from divorce and continue their unhappy marriages.

For those who have decided to pursue divorce, there are several ways to reduce costs. For example, agreeing with a business valuation expert, either in the form of mediation / collaboration or through their personal consultation, can be a way to reduce the overall cost of the process. By working together with an independent and certified business appraiser, the divorce process will be faster, more economical and less controversial.

Now more than ever, family judges and mediators across the US are trying to get business valuation experts to make independent forecasts for financial forecasts, tax identification, investment and other financial reserves analysis, private enterprise or Family Limited Partnership assessments. or other fundamental financial issues.

Out of the huge financial assignments and certifications of a business, there are only a select few that are recognized as business valuation credentials. The most highly rated are the Accredited Assessment Analyst (AVA) and the Certified Assessment Analyst (CVA) awarded by the National Association of Certified Assessors (NACVA), which are the only US-accredited business assessment accreditors. : Agency Certification Commission (NCCA). According to the NACVA site, the only difference between CVA and NSA is that CVA also has CPA certification. AVA generally has advanced degrees in business, such as an MBA or PhD or both.

The cost-cutting strategy of divorce and hiring an expert brings up the obvious question: Will the result change? A recent article referring to Divorce Mediators and Joint Practice in America, as well as the Family Law Division of the Connecticut Family Lawyer, has examined the financial consequences of both Connecticut divorces for both mediators and litigants. differences in results. So, by reducing costs, this does not mean that the outcome will be no less desirable.