Daren CT Historic Houses. Pond weed house

Built on an approximately 1,700-year-old Boston Post Road, Darien and the Pond-Weed House are a classic Connecticut salt box with a large central stone chimney and sloping back roof. It is considered the oldest house still standing in Darien.

In 1692, Lake Nathaniel, listed as "Bradford's Blacksmith", purchased the land on which the Swamp House is located near the fork and former saddle near Northton River. Settlements began in Darien around 1700, when the first roads were "cut in the woods".

Eventually Darrylne's conversion to Darrylne included a sawmill built on the bank of the river Noroton, a small cabin on the shore of Lake Holly, and was forged by Nathaniel Pon. In 1703 a school district was established.

Immediately after the construction of the pond weed house and the # 39 preliminary design, several additions to the central design were made, resulting in a two-story home – a T-floor floor plan and a thin salt roof line. Nathaniel Pond sold the property to Nathaniel Weed in 1716 "Residential Homes and Barns." It remained in the Veder family for 210 years.

Features of Pond-Weed House & 39th include stone chimneys, walls of semi-circular wrists, exterior doors, exposed framing, upholstery and very early appliances.

In addition to its historical architectural significance and its connection to the leading families of Darien & 39, the building also served as a tavern in the 18th century when it was known as "Down Under the Hill" or "Halfway Home". halfway between Norwalk and Stamford.

In the late 1730s, strong winter storms killed several people who were traveling from Darien to Stamford Church. When the first generation of Darien residents grew older, they offered to create a new, closer parish church to reduce the difficulty of getting a church on Sunday.

1744 This led to St. The lease of Movses Matre, still in his mid-20s, who spent his entire 64-year career in this parish until his death in 1806. Moses Meter became one of the most distant supporters. Chair of American Independence during the Revolutionary War.

During the Revolution, the city was dominated by patriots, with whom Toris fled the Long Island with the community but waged war on the community. The plaque in front of the municipality of Daryan recounts how the "Torahs interrupted the congregation meeting on July 22, 1781, capturing Dr. Matter and forty-seven other men and transporting them to the Voice. Twenty-six of his parishioners spent five months in British jail in New York City before those who survived their secrets were exchanged and returned to their homes. ”

There has long been talk of a pond-weed house when it served as the Half-Way House Tavern that "George Washington Washington stopped here" as it marched south from Boston to New York during the American Revolution.

Today, Pond-Weed House is a private residence located at 2591 Post Road Darien, Connecticut, just west of the Tree and Ridge Road junction. This powerful example of early New England architecture, which is the oldest home in the city, makes it & # 39; in Darien, Connecticut. – one of the most important historic homes.