Branford CT Historic Houses. Swain-Harrison House


Branford & # 39; s close to Old Town Business Located adjacent to the greenery is Swain-Harrison House, home of the classic Connecticut royal colony, which today serves as the headquarters of Branford Historical Society and # 39.

Daniel Swain was one of the first settlers to be given land in 1679 by the city of Bradford. When he died in 1697, his heirs sold the property to Nathaniel Harrison, who was the 39th Deputy Minister of Justice at Banford and Assembly. peace and a widely respected citizen who plays a pivotal role in the early years of the community. This is how the house became known as the Swin-Harrison House.

Located at 124 Main Street in Bradford, the Seine-Harrison House is a two-and-a-half-story, dark red structure with a fa├žade of colony colonnade and doorframes, giving it a spacious look. It is the oldest building in the historical district of Cano Brock in the green surroundings of the old city.

The date of construction of the household was originally given as 1680, in 1975 for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Announcement: The Branford Historical Society & # 39; s website, which is now concentrated in the building, states that the current building dates back to 1724.

Originally built on two floors with two rooms each, between 1730 and 1740 a thin back extension was added, giving the home a salty box roof line. It was common at the time when families were expanding. Thin, a large kitchen located behind a central stone chimney, consisting of a bedroom and a cellar at opposite ends.

The interior is beautifully restored with handmade wooden walls, strong oak carvings, and bright metallics that make you feel like you've come back to America in the 18th century. Swain-Harrison House has a unique corner cabinet and furnishings that include rope beds and beds made hundreds of years ago.

One room in the Seine-Harrison House is a museum filled with Branford artifacts, memorials and archives. The home is maintained by the Branford Historical Society and encourages Brainford families to bring exhibits, products, paintings and collections on a regular basis to exhibits that are regularly held.

Branford Garden Club maintains a good herb and colonial garden on two acres of land. Swain-Harrison House is open Saturday, June 2 from 2 pm to 5 pm. 00 or by appointment. Find out more about Branford, Connecticut & # 39; s most important historic homes, visit the Branford Historical Society & # 39; s website at, which has Swain-Harrison House as its logo.