Scarlet Knights to avoid disaster


The magical season of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team made an almost terrifying turnaround Sunday night due to the stubbornness of the Connecticut Huskies, who were unable to keep the troops, and thought Rutgers was causing so much trouble. After a third-quarter third down, the Knights managed to retake UConn thanks to the excellent efforts of their defensive and special teams, 24 of 13.

You can almost feel it coming especially after Rutgers led Pitt on the road and showed a game against Louisville. The Connecticut contest was shaped as one of those horrible trap games, one that could send RU to their first loss. season.

The game started out as if it were a Rutgers explosion. Soldiers marched down the field for support, underlined by Rice & # 39; In the second quarter Big D strengthened, forcing a turnover, which was followed by the goal of the Yeremo Ito 50 yard field to extend the account. At the break, Rutgers went up 17-0.

The second half started after UConn got the ball and it took only two games for the Huskies to get paid. Thanks to the swift steps of the Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey and Red Bank Catholic star Donald Brown, Ukon quickly jumped onto the board, slipping from 17 to 7. they added a second rating to skip 17 to 13. Let's just say that at this moment the crowd in Piscataway, New York was silently watching UConn & # 39; s second td.

Fearing that the Red Knight and the 39th unhealthy season would end before a national television audience on Sunday evening, it suddenly became very real. The Rutgers offense was brutal, Donald Brown could do no wrong, and only the defense and special teams could turn around.

Thanks to a locked window that turned into another RU touch, Rutgers was given more than six minutes of breathing room left in the contest. Leading 13 to 24, RU & # 39's defense managed to oust the Huskies by tearing down and pressuring UConn QB DJ Hernandez several times.

Although Ray Rice limited himself to just 79 rushing yards and was nearly ineffective in the second half, the Scarlet Knights held the Huskies to their charming defense and special games. Another Rutgers team would find a way to lose this game, but this year the team is not just that type. As the game neared, Rutger was still pulling it out so the team could prepare for their November 9 show with Louisville.

Yes, the collective lightness that you heard on Sunday evening at 11.18am on the banks of the river Raritan, the Rutgers were faithful, well aware that their team had fired a bullet, escaping the trap that could have reduced it to be a truly historic season.