1931 Yorktown commemorative postage stamp


Two cent stamps dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown were first issued in 1931. On October 19. These beautiful commemorative stamps were sold in post offices in Yorktown, Virginia, and Utterfield, Connecticut. Stamp collectors could send up to 10 addressed emails during the first day of issue for the first day of cancellation. The Yorktown stamps went on sale on October 20, 1931.

Why Waterfield, Connecticut, and Yorktown, Virginia? Waterfield was the home of Silas Dean. Dee did more than anyone to get France's help in the American Revolution. The city was also the place where plans were being made for the Battle of Yorktown by General George Washington Washington and others who participated in the battle.

The Yorktown remembrance stamp is rectangular and printed in two colors. The background is red, and the three portraits consist of a central black design. At the top of the stamp in lowercase are the words "United States Postal Delivery". On the bottom right, on a white ribbon panel, in red, in the center, is the word "Yorktown," with the dates on both sides left and right, 1781 and 1931 respectively. At the base of the cover is a small panel with the word "cent" rotating in white on two edges. There is a white "2" in each lower corner of the small panel.

At the center of the stamp are three oval figures that depict Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur Roccambo, beef Washington and Fran├žois Joseph Joseph Paul Compe de Grasse.

The Battle of Yorktown was, of course, a turning point in the American Revolution. Like the Polish Count Kazimir Pulaski & # 39; s 2 Cent US stamp commemorating Poland's contribution to the American Revolution The Yorktown stamp honors France's contribution.