Moved. America & # 39; s Top Ten Most Holy Cities


Every year Money Magazine evaluates hundreds of American cities to help people who may want to move to find the best new place to settle. The magazine compiles statistics on various factors such as access to housing, job growth, transportation time, schools, weather, access to health care, recreation opportunities, crime rates and quality of life, and then publishes its results once a year.

The overall winner for 2006 was Fort Collins, Colorado, followed by Naperville, Illinois and Sugar Land, Texas. Money Magazine was especially impressed with Fort Collins's many parks, including about sixty miles of cycling and hiking trails in a 128,000-mile town about 5,000 meters high in the Stone Mountains. There are also many jobs in Fort Collins, with giant companies like HP, Eastman Kodak and Agilent Technologies in the city. Fort Collins is also home to the University of Colorado Surbs and Powder Valley Hospital, which provide 10,000 more jobs between them.

The remaining ten included in the list of the ten most beloved American cities were: Columbia / Ellicott City, Maryland; Kerry, NC; Holland Park, Kansas; Scottsdale, Arizona; Boise, Idaho; Fairfield, Connecticut; and Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Money magazine also evaluates the highest cities in the country annually as well as publishes a separate list of America & 39s, which lists the top ten largest cities. This year's winner was Colorado Springs, Colorado, making it the cleanest city in a hundred years, although Colorado Springs was the second smallest city with a population of 369,800. Second was Austin, Texas (690,300), followed by Messa, Arizona (442,800).

The top ten in the big cities were North Carolina's Raleigh (341,500); San Diego, CA (1,255,500); Virginia Beach, Virginia (438,400); Omaha, Nebraska (414,500); Wichita, Kansas (354,900); and New York, New York (8,143,200).

Because many are worried about crime, Money categorizes cities by crime, and America's safest city is found to be Wayne, New Jersey, followed by Connecticut's two cities, Sheffield and Greenwich. Nevada's two cities, Paradise and Sunrise Manor, were next, with the rest of the top ten consisting of another Connecticut city (Manchester, 7th); and four other cities in New Jersey (East Brunswick, 6th; Cherry Hill, 8th, Edison, 9th, and Hamilton, 10th).

If you're single and want to live in a city where there are many other lonely people, Money Magazine & # 39; The data suggests moving to Bloomington, Indiana, where 58.2% of the population is unavailable. There were nine other American cities with more than half of the residents alone, including New Brunswick, New Jersey (54.6%); College Station, Texas (54.3%); Ames (52.5%) and Iowa City (52%), Iowa; Cambridge (52%), Somerville (51.3%) and Boston (50.4%), Massachusetts; Berkeley, CA (50.3%); and Champaign, Illinois (50.2%):

If you are thinking about moving, consider many factors. Examine your options and make a list of your priorities.

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