Interesting Mark Twain Facts


My interest in Mark Twain was ignited by a 2002 Mark Burns documentary, Mark Twain.

It was the volume of requests for information about his time at Reading that followed the release of a documentary that sparked my life's interest. People were shocked to know that he lived and died in Reading, Connecticut, and wanted to know more. When answering the twilight years of Twain's life, I found that his time at Reading was a significant time in his life, but also that he * lived * an amazing life, a time.

This list below is just a taste of what I've found over the last eight years: The man was kind.

»I know that I was an exception, my kind does not grow every day. We are very rare. We are a kind of human-era plant, and we do not bloom in front of everyone»»

– Letter from Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) to Olivia Langdon, 09/08/1869

Interesting Mark Twain Facts.

1. Mark Twain was born on November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. The last period of the Holly Comet, 1835 On November 10.

»I came with the Holly Comet in 1835. It will come again next year (1910), and I expect to go with it. That would be the biggest disappointment in my life if I didn't come out with the Halley comet»»

– Mark Twain, Biography

By the time he was 13, he had to be rescued 9 times – three times from Mississippi and six times from a teddy bear.

3. At the age of 18 Tain fled the house- "My dear mother. You will certainly be a little surprised and somewhat annoyed at this.“He traveled from Missouri to New York City to watch the World's Fair. He stayed in New York and worked in the printing industry as a spokesman until moving to Philadelphia.

4. By the time he was 20, Tain had visited and lived in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, St. Louis, Muscatine, and Keokuk Iowa and inc.

5. Early in his life he really didn't care about Irish Catholics.

6. Twain gave his first public address at the printers' party in Keukuk, Iowa, in 1856.

7. In February 1857, Tain left for Inc Inc, New Orleans, with the intention of leaving the Amazon River. He was going to seek his fortune in the abundant trade in coca. Fortunately, on his way south he met pilot Horace Bikby. Bixby was the steamship captain, and Twin's childhood dream became a higher priority than Amazon's.

8. Twain received his steamship license in 1859 and worked steadily as a river pilot on the Mississippi River between St. Louis and New Orleans until 1861. The Civil War ended that career.

9. Tain traveled to the West Nevada Territory in August 1861 with his brother Orion, who was appointed Lincoln Territory Secretary by Abraham Lincoln.

10. He adopted the pen name "Mark Twain", the term for the old river bank, which means "safe line and line between dangerous water" in 1863 while working for the Nevada State Territory Company. His first pen name was "osh osh"

11. In 1866, Twain traveled to Hawaii, writing for the Sacramento Union. When she was returning to California, she gave a lecture on her first work experience.

12. From June 8 to November 19, 1867, he was commissioned to report on excursions to the Mediterranean and the Holy Land. This trip would lead to travel letters becoming his first successful book: Innocences Abroad, The Progress of New Pilgrims.

13. Tain enjoyed Baseball and understood the game very well. Mark Twain's goal transfer from the baseball game between Hartford and Boston is in the resources section.

14. Twain was constantly writing. Google's Terry Ballard + Twain Journals for viewing its magazines

Be sure to check out Mark Twain's Google map of America below. Very good!

»If you want to punish a careless and malicious young man, promise him to keep the year's journal»»

– Mark Twain

15. Ghost Hunters visited Mark Teven's home in Hartford in December 2009. If you missed Ghost Hunters' visit to Mark Twain's house, the episode video is available online.

16. Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, Connecticut, has a collection of 16,000 museum objects and artifacts, including more than 6,000 documents and an archive of 5280 photographs.

17. In his first Harper's Monthly The article mistakenly credited Maxwin as the author.

»I was a literary person, but it was all buried. alive buried. "- Mark Twain, My Debut as a Literary Person.

18. Twain has written a large number of stories throughout his life. Chan's death The last one I know of, and it was written at the end of December 1909 in Reading, Connecticut.

19. Twain did not consider himself a Republican or a Democrat.

»I used to vote for Republicans more often than Democrats, but I was never a Republican and I was never a Democrat. I was considered a Republican in the community, but I never considered myself that way."- Autobiographical Dictation, January 24, 1906

20. Twain was an inventor and held a number of patents. Adjustable ribbon and memorable game of history are examples. His most successful invention was a scroll.

21. Mark TwainAquarium Club“It wasn't the first organization of female correspondents. By 1902 it was formed. "Jug ignnut club».

»I have built this house (in the province of Reading, Kotayk region) mainly, indeed, mainly for the comfort and convenience of the aquarium. Its members will always be welcomed under its roof»»

– Mark Twain

22. Mark Twain fully understood life. «What is a small part of a man's life, his deeds, and his words? His real life is guided in his head and is known to no one, not to himself. All day, and every day, his brain mill is grinding, and his thoughts, not those other things, are his story … His mass is hidden, it and its volcanic fires that melt and boil, and never rest, night and day»»

23. Mark Twain had no positive view of "big" government;

»The urge to interfere with the government's private affairs of cities and citizens is likely to cause infinite anxiety.»»

– Mark Twain

24. Mark Twain's 1870 lecture tour had at least 49 engagements on the theme, "Our Friends of Our Sandwich Islands"

»Mark Twain looks great. He is of medium height and moderately thin, has light brown hair, reddish brown mustache, regular features and a fresh complexion; and he has a way of making a sweat a grin and half closes his eyes as he speaks. His facial expression is as calm and unmistakable as the sphinx's. Looking at her, it seems impossible that she should ever hurry or get out of the mood, and you might suppose that she would be incapable of joking if there was no original candy in her eyes of joy. His voice is very light and very dry, like some German wines, and seems to be modulated by just two keys. His style of speaking is unique to the last degree. It's the whole piece with its humor quality and looks like a glove»»

– Review of the November 30, 1870, Thompsonville, Connecticut Travel Stop. November 30th is his birthday, it should have been a good show.

25. Interesting fact about Clara Clements (Daughter of Twin) 1909 He asked St. Joseph Joseph Twichel: to “obey” from his marriage vows. 1909! Clara was the only daughter who got married.

26. Twain studied and wrote “Life in Mississippi"Within a year – 1882-83.

27. From 07/1895 to 07/1896 Twain toured the US, Canada, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa … 140 attractions.

28. Prior to his 1895/96 world tour, Mark Twain was in debt.

29. Twin Short Story »A fascinating experience"begins.

»This is the story the Major told as far as I can remember. In the winter of 1862-3 I was the commander of Fort Truppie, in New London, Conn.»»

There is now an exhibition at Fort Trumbull where you can sit and listen to this story.

30. Mark Twain lived in Hartford, Connecticut, Connecticut for 20 years and lived in Redding, Connecticut for 2 years. Reading is where he died on April 21, 1910.

31. The original 340 Redding, Connecticut acres that once belonged to Mark Twain are now open to the public. Eight years of negotiations in 1974 led to the "loan purchase" of then-owner Stormfield by Doreen Danks.

There are four miles of Fox Run Road for people wanting to cross the Stormfield Trail in Reading.

Twain's 67 ha of Redding, CT remains privately owned.

32. Twain was a big fan of Bermuda. Elizabeth Wallace Released »Mark Twain and Happy Island“In 1913. The book explores Twin's many visits to Bermuda.

33. Tain and Helen Keller were close friends, and she played an active role in her education and life.

»Blindness is an interesting business, I tell you. if you don't believe you get up on the wrong side of your bed for a dark night when the house is on fire and try to find the door»»

– Twain quotes Helen Keller in her book In the middle

34. Twain was a founding member of The Players Club in New York.

35. Twain was a naturalist and greatly enjoyed the beauty of nature.

»Stormfield's foliage “was paradise and hell, sunset, umbrella and aurora, all merged into one divine harmony, and you could not look at it and hold back tears.»»

-Save in Redding Fall 1909

36. One of Twain's latest actions was the approval of a $ 6,000 check for the Library Building Fund. She dedicated the library to the memory of her daughter Jean-Anne, in Redding, Conn. The Mark Twain Library in Reading, Connecticut, is the only library in the world that founded, funded and filled the books itself, Mark Twain himself.

37. In 1960, Reddit, Brad Kelly, discovered that Russians were very enthusiastic about Mark Twain, and most of his books and stories were translated into their language. 1960 was the 50th anniversary of his passing. Kelly discovered that 11 million copies of Mark Twain were translated into 25 languages ​​in Russian. Nine (9) of these Russian books are cataloged at the Mark Twain Library in Redding, Connecticut.

38. In 1917 Emily Grant Hutchins published a book entitledJap Coast Heron"That he claims Mark Twain wrote from the grave through the Ouija board." After several messages were written that the tablet's arrow showed "Samuel M. (sic) Clemens, Lazy Sam "the words and the words" because it was published then. "

39. Mark Twain dies, 2110 On April 21. The Holly Comet tour was on April 20, 1910. "Now here are these two unacceptable shocks: they came together, they must come out together;»»

– Mark Twain, Biography

Now that I could go on and on about this topic, I'm inclined to follow Twain's logic. "keep talking until the audience is scared"But I think I understood very clearly that Mark Twain was an amazing man who led an amazing life that was certainly worth exploring.

»An average American loves his family. If he remains in love with someone else, he generally chooses Mark Twain.

– Thomas Edison