Inflated eggs and inflated dollars

March 24, 2009 Relay Administration, Connecticut, March 24, 2009 – Don Clapper-Smith, Chief Economist and Data Core Partners LLC Research Presentation on "New Perspectives on US and Connecticut Economies" He was planning an economic recovery. as the second half of 2009.

Of course this is good news. Credit has to weaken, and most of us will retain our jobs that might otherwise have been lost if not for economic incentives. A few more jobs may be created. But the premature recovery and collapse of the housing crisis and the loss of the credit crisis are causing prices. That price is hyperinflation. "At some point, inflation returns with a vengeance," the report said.

The trillions of dollars pumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve System and projected spending by the Obama administration in Washington will reduce the purchasing power of the dollar and effectively reduce the payroll for all working and fixed income people.

The report also notes that the weakening dollar will make US assets cheaper for foreigners, thereby providing greater control over US foreign assets. So hang on to your hat, as we will soon be working for China.

Inflation raises the price of housing at the expense of people with money in the bank. When we get an increase that drives us to the next tax bracket, it will most likely not offset the decline in purchasing power caused by inflation. Inflation like our advanced tax system is a way to raise our taxes without passing a law. Inflation also allows debtors to repay their debts at cheaper dollars, so lenders cheat in the process.

All this is very clever by our leadership. Blow up the dollar by increasing the money supply, spending a lot of money on your constituents / special interests, selling the country to foreign interests, keeping people for a few more years by taking home equity loans, being reelected for 4 years, and then seeing them all stand out.

Democrats have been and continue to be a major contributor to our economic problems. Despite this fact, they were selected by land slide. So far the Democrats have left their tax evasion. These control costs are causing us to decline even more. So folks, buy gold now, because that green backpack in your wallet isn't worth it too soon.