Authentic Italian Pizza Perfection in Wali Street, New Haven, Connecticut


So what is the great secret of Sali Apiza? Simple: great pizza.

If you want to have a great pizza, you should look for it. And that is exactly what we found out during our recent visit to Sali Apicha on Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut.

The inner trick is to get there early. Opening of Sali at 5 pm. At 00 P.M. (They are closed on Monday). We got there 4. On the 30th. There were only two parties ahead of us, so we knew we would make the first sit-in.

Another trick is to know what you want as soon as your waitress or waitress arrives. Make sure you decide what you want. At Sally & # 39; s, pizzas come out as ordered. Each pizza is lovingly made by hand, and it takes time. So the faster you get your order, the faster your pizza will get.

Sali's visit is like going back in time. You will find the interior just like in the 50's. Of course, there are many slabs and slopes on the walls. But believe me, little has changed since Salvatore Consiglio made pizza there. And that's one of the real charm of going to Sali.

During this trip we really explored the menu. We wanted to see if there was a secret there. And here's what we found. The prices are in two words, very cheap. You can have 3 sizes of pizza: small, medium and large. We chose a little cheese (about $ 6.00), a little potato pizza, a big bacon, and a medium sourdough. At this price, you won't find pizza anywhere.

You should also state that you like mozzarella on pizza. After ordering, I had to move our car to Sali's parking lot. (Well, I parked illegally). As I started driving, I noticed our waitress running to the side of the car asking me if I wanted a mozzarella on our pizza. We did. Talk about service.

The pizzas were excellent. Each pizza was very thin and delicious. The bark was tender but a little crunchy. It's incredibly delicious. When I eat pizza I appreciate the thin crust. And Sali didn't disappoint.

The whole operation is full family. This evening, Rick Consigli was returning to make pizza. He had several assistants doing preparations and servicing the oven.

Brother Bobby worked on the floor with the help of Sister Ruth. And Mama Flor had hands in everything. Sometimes he would complete checks, sometimes helping to prepare. The family that makes pizza together stays together. The Consiglio family is very close.

Sali Apica is named by pizza expert Ed Levine in his book One Piece of Heaven as one of "Keepers of Fire". Of course, no more respect can be given. Thank you for your insight, Ed.

To be honest, Sally & # 39; s one of the most gorgeous pizzerias in the United States. If not for another reason, it is a total family activity. But it is much, much more. They make great pizza and are passionate about their pizza. Consiglio's continue Sali's legacy. Once a pizza.

And, of course, there's always competition between Pepe's fans and Sally's. I will not even begin to address the question of which question is better. That's one thing, you, dear pizza eaters, will have to make a decision. But like Fon F.