Daren CT Historic Houses. Pond weed house

Built on an approximately 1,700-year-old Boston Post Road, Darien and the Pond-Weed House are a classic Connecticut salt box with a large central stone chimney and sloping back roof. It is considered the oldest house still standing in Darien. In 1692, Lake Nathaniel, listed as "Bradford's Blacksmith", purchased the land on which the Swamp House […]

Memories of items should not be difficult;

Listing by heart is good at being able to memorize, but what happens when you need to memorize more than one or groups of things? For example, suppose you want to remember the US states, usually called the New England States, which consist of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. You can […]

Stamford CT's Cove Park and historic Cove Island homes

One of Stamford, Connecticut's favorite open water areas is Cove Park, home to the Cove Island National Register of Historic Places. The Cove Island houses are actually a mansion, first built in 1791. It's a Georgian-style house with an older federal-style wing. The Cove Island houses are the last remaining building from the great fire […]

Her Most Popular Sculpture (Lipstick (Growing) with Trout Caterpillar) – Cles Oldenburg

Swedish sculptor Cles Oldenburg created a magnificent & # 39; The Art of Installation & # 39; "Lipstick (Growing) on ​​Milky Lines", 1969-1974. The masterpiece is set at Samuel FB Morse College, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. Following in the footsteps of Caterpillar, the mysterious "Lipstick (Growing)" body consists of a 24-foot lipstick standing on […]

Focus on Watch Hill Rhode Island and Napatree Point

A popular cruise ship in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York is a sailboat in Sutherland, which extends westward, viewed from Watch Hill, Rhode Island, by anyone wishing for a stunning day trip or holiday Enjoy exclusive shopping, exclusive canteens, picturesque seaside destinations, slow and quiet, relaxed and informal. Anchor north-east from Natri Point fills […]