It was a sad weekend for Ethereum. The world’s # 2 crypto asset has been flexing for most of this month while playing Bitcoin. This resistance ended several hours ago when ETH prices collapsed 9 percent.

The site crashes 9%
Ethereum spent most of the month with $ 180 to $ 190. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has eroded its Chinese FOMO bomb sensation in China at pre-peak levels this time last month.

With good progress in Istanbul and the DeFi ecosystem that continues to show growth and expansion, there was hope that ETH could finally begin disconnecting from its older brother. Those hopes vanished a few hours ago when Ethrum plunged into the digital chasm behind Bitcoin.

According to Tradingview.com, ETH prices fell from $ 175 to $ 155 before falling to around $ 160 where it is currently listed. The 9% pipeline returned prices to long-term support, which took place in October, September and early May.

The sad thing for Ethereum is that it is likely that it will continue to follow Bitcoin on its current downward trajectory. The next lowest key levels are $ 150 and $ 135 and it makes no sense to look the other way at this time.

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Impact on DeFi markets
Because Ethrum is emerging to control distributed financing, how does the recent price collapse affect markets there? DeFi involves providing ETH smart contracts for loan protocols such as MakerDAO to earn interest.

Although ETH merchant bears are beaten by bears, those involved with DeFi remain intimidated. According to The Defiant loans, which today were at their third highest level in the last month, almost 47,000 ETH ($ 7 million), with almost 197,000 ETH ($ 31 million) provided as collateral.


Are there such things as the power of the old man?


You know, going to the gym is not the only way to get stronger. In fact, there is a huge difference between being strong in the stadium and being strong in real life. It’s totally possible to be in good shape and strong – and I mean really strong without ever walking the gym.
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How is that possible? Are these guys just genetic outbreaks? Let me tell you that it is possible or not, you do not have to be a genetic abnormality in great shape and what I like to call “real life strong”.
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My dad is a great example of a guy who is really strong, but he has never worked one day in his life. He did, however, a lot of manual work. He was always working on outdoor items, building materials, working with wood or other items. I am on the extreme side. I worked after I was in high school in Connecticut.
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I really started taking fitness seriously when I finally started growing and getting stronger. By the time I hit my senior year and I was playing soccer, I was able to drop 275 pounds and was really proud of myself.
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Everything was frustrating, though one day when my father needed help getting rid of a few large rocks out of the grass. The area where we lived in Connecticut was mountainous with these huge rocks everywhere. In our backyard it seemed they were growing every time, so we had to dig them out and move them in a wheelchair.
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For a year my father wanted to get rid of some of the peculiarly large cliffs of property, so we forced him to dig.
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When the dirt was removed, I went in to move the stones. Knowing how strong I had gotten, I imagined I could take care of most of it myself. I was shocked, even though I learned that I would hardly even give them a budget. But my father, the boy who had never worked one day in his life, was able to move everyone on his own.
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I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that this “old man” I knew I could pull on any car in the weight room was still “strong” to me when it came to real life. I began to regard it as “the power of the old man.”
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Today I & nbsp; At 39, I’m a little wiser, and I realize that my father didn’t develop the “power of the old man”, but he actually developed the “hybrid power” without even trying. The activities he did around the house almost every day gave him physical edges that were hard to replicate in the gym.

Many of our regular training habits isolate individual muscles, which our bodies are not really designed to work with. Things that my father did, though he would gather several muscle groups at a time, and even more importantly, would require both strength and endurance, such as hybrid training.

And what he did during these operations was the development of hybrid type III muscle, which is really “optimal” muscle fiber because it not only gives it strength but it can also maintain that power. periods: Ordinary Type I or Type II fibers can do this, they generally sit on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Regular gym training focuses on the development of type I, type IIa and IIb non-hybrid muscle fibers. And since my dad was developing Type III muscle fibers, he had much more real life power than I did. Sure, I could throw the brawl out of him in the gym, but there was no competition in real life. I licked.

Of course, my father was not the only example of someone who, incidentally or by design, trained and processed hybrid muscles, developing hybrid type III muscles.

Rocky IV is another great example of the power of the real world against the power of the stadium. In the film, Rocky trains in the mountains, focusing on his real-world power to perform hybrid training and hybrid type III muscle development.

On the contrary, the Russian boy trains in this futuristic high-tech gym using scientifically designed racetracks and training equipment. Yes, the guy looked pretty muscular, but when it came to fighting, his gym muscles were nowhere near matched by Rocky’s real strength.

So you see, even though science has tried to find all sorts of interesting ways for boys to be bigger, stronger and leaner when it comes to real results, the basic functions and power of the real world still win every time.



Connecticut Parenting Plans and Custody Agreements – Law Requirements:


The laws that parents need to know about child custody in Connecticut are set out in Title 46b of the Connecticut General Statute. Under this charter, mother and father can learn the requirements of the parents that should be included in the parenting plan.
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This is important as the plan must have the correct information before it can be accepted by the court. Here are some laws that affect a custody contract.
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1. Parental Responsibility Plan. There are several ways in Chapter 56 of Chapter 46 that a parent may receive a custody order from the court. Parents can agree on the parenting plan they submit to court.
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It can be a shared custody gift where parents have to agree on how they share responsibility, time, and other decisions about the child. One parent may also have sole custody with a plan of visit for another parent.
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2. Parenting education lesson. Chapter 69b presents the state parental education lesson format. The court recommends this class educate them about the impact of parenting on family rebuilding.
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The course may include information on child development stages on how children can adapt to parent separation, how parents can resolve disputes and conflicts, how to conduct a visit, conclude a custody agreement, and how to help the child manage separation stress. . Parents have to attend this class only once, and the court may refuse the request.
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3. The best interest of the child’s standard. Title 46 correctly states that all guardianship decisions, including the conclusion of a guardianship contract, must be guided by what is most beneficial to the child.
This means that parents need to focus their children on everything in the plan, and they need to be ready for the child to prioritize their needs. If the child is old enough and mature enough to form an intelligent opinion, the court will hear the child’s wishes.
Parents should take this into consideration as they enter into a contract. Sometimes the court will also consider the circumstances of the parents & # 39; considering separation as they decide custody issues.
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But Libra has faced severe regulatory backlash. President Donald Trump has said Facebook may be required to apply for a bank license to issue it, while some US lawmakers have been planning the company’s digital currency plans. Central bankers have also spilled cold water on the idea, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saying the project should be stopped until regulators’ concerns are addressed.
The Elliptic boss said that while Facebook is “catching fire”, many other companies are exploring asset-backed virtual currencies. “It’s out of the box,” he said. “People are now thinking about it and what is the right way to do it.” Even central bankers are floating the idea, with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposing a digital reserve currency and China’s central bank claiming it is close to releasing its own virtual tokens.

Moving forward, Elliptic is opening offices in Singapore and Japan as part of a push to the Asian market. Japan is an example of a country showing more breakthroughs in the industry than others, Smith said, with “major banks” examining ways to provide cryptocurrency services to their customers. The company said revenue in Asia has increased tenfold in the last 12 months alone.



Connecticut Aviation Attractions


Except that maybe no other Ohio state is an aviation synonym than Connecticut. Inexplicably tied to the world’s most famous aircraft, power plant and balloon manufacturers, it is described in canvas by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Pratt and Whitney, Chance Vought, Avco Lyoming, Hamilton Standard and United. Like Technologies. . Many of their valuable investments can be seen by visiting its aviation sights.
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National Helicopter Museum

Sandwiched on the other hand, between Avat Lyoming at Stratford and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation at one end, and at an abandoned, 48-foot North Metro Station, National Helicopter Museum spotted wingtip technicians and wing technologists development.
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Dr. Brainshield Raymond E. The idea of ​​Jankovich, a local pediatrician, and Robert McCloud, founder of the Stratford Bard newspaper, was conceived in 1978 because of its helicopter location and potential benefits to the city. Its reality was cemented by the Avco Lyoming grant.
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Realizing itself as the only museum dedicated to rotary wing aircraft and opening in 1983, it is entirely run by volunteers, most of them former Sikorski staffers, and offers chronological photographs, models, and a few airframes, who collectively follow the design of a nature helicopter that the aviation flight has traditionally sought to imitate, until the 21st century.
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Helicopter leaves traces of BC on Chinese flying peaks recorded at the beginning of the fourth century. Made of short, round sticks, they were fastened to the “helicopter’s mouth” or similar feathers from the airport. Rotating, either rolling back or forward, or stretching on a string, they rotated, and their angular feathers rose, causing them to rise vertically.
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Leonardo da Vinci later produced numerous sketches of sharp wing slides, parachutes, and air screws capable of lifting people, self-propelled screwdrivers for flying aircraft, which he observed, “when the force moves faster than the propeller.” Under constant air conditions, this air is compressed after the sleeper loses the weight of compressed and fragile feathers. And what was driving through the air, finding resistance in it, returns after the shape of the ball against the wall. ”
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The Museum depicts these early notions in its “In the Beginning” exhibition. Human & # 39; the first swivel wing was a prehistoric boomerang that led to the Chinese top and da Vinci & # 39; s Helix, which recorded the first recording of the “helicopter”.
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His “Early Dreams” paintings, which began in 1843, feature both rotor, fan, and side-by-side rotors, and those generated by St. George’s Caylee were more fun creating wing-flying.
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Early Prophets research shows that the first successful, nourishing climb reached a height of 40 feet in a 20-second flight.

The 60-rotor helicopter, designed by Gustav Whitehead in 1911, appears in the “Before Sikorsky” collection, and the “International Achievements” panel depicts the development period between 1930-1935.
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Professor EH Henrikh, as evidenced by the “German Ascent” panel, created a new company to pursue his dreams of designing a rotating wing aircraft as Focke-Wulfe & # 39; After serving as Design Design, it took 28 seconds to fly. On June 26, 1936.

The fresco “Birth of the First Flight” and the fresco from the Sikorski factory show a short schedule of his projects, starting with the 1942 VS-300-V1.

The development of the engine can be obtained from the “Gas Turbine Revolution”. For example, the steam engine had too much structural weight to provide the well-known vertical elevator technology of that time, but the lighter gas station that appeared shortly after the turn of the century was widely used. A relatively lightweight yet powerful rotary engine was used for the helicopter experience during the 1920s, its entire cylinder block revolving around the standard range, thereby producing significant, air-cooled cylinders.

The Art of Craft research shows significant manufacturers of helicopters: Sikorsky, Bell, Hughes, Kaman, Piasecki, Boeing-Vertol and Robinson, while half-dozen have rotary wing models.

Despite the small size of the Museum & 39’s door and the size of the artifact, it still features some real helicopter components. The main rotor of the S-58, for example, weighing 110 kg and 28 feet from its center of rotation, is observed at the Sikorsky S-76 tail rotor assembly assembly. The engines include the Avco Lyoming T800-APW-800 turbine and the T55-L-714 turbine, powered by Boeing projects such as the CH-47 Chinook, Model 234, MH-47E Chinook and Model 360. h. Also featured. RAH-66 Sikorsky’s “shadow” Communion fly-by-wire mock test and Sikorsky S-76 booth portion in utility / offshore oil configuration. The design has a 43.4 foot rod length, a 44-foot rotor diameter and can reach 155-knot front airways.

The Museum provides a small but valuable place to explore the winged technologies and history often overlooked in aviation studies, but here the Stratford and 39th existence is particularly responsible.

New England Air Museum

The New Britain Air Museum is located in Windsor Locks, near the Bradley International Airport, the largest northeast aviation facility, displaying more than 80 planes and often concentrating on Connecticut’s aerial achievements, about 75,000 square meters of indoor demonstration space. in three witches. Its full range includes 125 air games and 200 engines.

The Military Exhibit Hanger, for example, focusing on pure jet fighters, has aircraft such as the Republic 105B Thunderchief, the Republika P-47D Thunderbolt, the North American F-86F Saber, the Grumman F-14B Tomcat, Fairchild / Republic. The A-10A Thunderbolt II and the North American F-100A Super Saber.

Its earliest design, the Sikorsky S-16 bipolar, has been hail since 1915. Particularly with 19.33-foot-long and 26.25-foot wings, the fighter, with an empty weight of 897 pounds, rests on the main gear of the rectangle and on the tail wheel. to facilitate soft field operations, and was the first with an engine-synchronized slot machine. It reached a top speed of 74-mph.

WWII fighters include the Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat and Connecticut & # 39; s own Vought F4U-4 Corsair, the latter proudly trains its classic, turning gray wings and seemingly overwhelming gray. Museum & # 39; The name of the character is one of Paddy Boatington’s most famous naval pilots fighting at the Pacific Theater.

World War II bombers represent the North American B-25H Mitchell, a high-wing, twin-engined, mid-range aircraft serving the Air Force, Navy and a number of countries, including England, France, on every front. , China and the Soviet Union in the role of low- and medium-range bombers, anti-submarine patrols and transport, as well as the popular Doolittle Raid. New England Air Museum & nbsp; The last surviving variant of the latest B-25H and the heaviest armed force used by the allies are the A.75mm nose gun, eight front-facing 50-caliber rifles and six. 50 caliber dorsal-, torso-, and tail screw guns.

Several rotary wing aircraft, including the Bell UH-1B Iroquois, Kaman K-225 and Kaman HH-43H, are assembling the collection.

The Harvey H. Lippincott Civil Aviation Hangar shines with some rare diamonds.

For example, the Silas H. Brooks balloon basket is both the oldest surviving basket in the world and part of a lighter craft in the world. Brooks, in Plymouth, Connecticut, built and blew his hot air balloon over Hartford and New Haven, located in a 200-foot, 200-foot, five-foot basket made in about 1870. As of today it can be viewed in glass. at the entrance to the suspension.

Another pioneer piece, the 1912 replica of the Curtiss Model D Pusher biplane, built by Howard Bunce in 1912, is a museum preserved from one of the oldest surviving, more airborne crafts and one born on Connecticut land.

The result of several Model D tests, it first appeared on paper as its own sketches before personalizing it, then assembling parts powered by a non-standard four-cylinder, air-cooled engine built by Nels J. Nelson. by New: United Kingdom, Connecticut. Although it was only a few feet from the ground, it was subsequently crashed at a Berlin fair due to insufficient force, holding a second copy in the form of canned parts, and in 1962 had this specimen found in the barn. The crane was assembled for a museum exhibition with a 30-horsepower Kemp I-4 engine.

Other pioneering designs include the Bleriot XI monopoly since 1909 and the Nixon Special since 1918.

Display shows another part of the lighter air craft: the Goodyear ZNP-K steering wheel from a 1942 K-28 non-rigid airbag, and the two-wheeler is presented in the 1930s with the Gee Bee Model A, in the 1930s with the Laird LC-DW 300. Solution and the 1933 Viking Model Kit Kitty Hawk B-8.

Also visible are two historically significant early pistons.

The first of these, the Lockheed 10A Electra, is a two-way, low-wing, ten-passenger, tail-shaped design that the manufacturer & # 39; s is the first all-metal airframe and provides the basis for larger L-14 and L-18 ladders. Museum & # 39; The model, bearing the number 1052 series, was first delivered to the US Navy in 1936 for use as a crew vehicle.

The second, twin-tailed, tail-dumping aircraft is the Douglas DC-3, a more mass-produced, multi-role, military and civilian design that for the first time allowed operators to make a profit only with transport. and thus revolutionized the airline industry. Under the heading “One of the Four Most Important Weapons of World War II” by General Eisenhower, it still burns to the skies more than a quarter century after it was first taken.

Museum & # 39; The DC-3, with more than 53,400 airbags in its register, served in several capacities, initially as a military C-47 transport carrier, and later as a commercial carrier for Eastern Airlines, Purdue University and other smaller carriers.

The Hangar Center for Civil Aviation, however, is both the largest airport and the only surviving example of the Connecticut designed and built by Sikorsky VS-44A Excambrian. One of the three completed in 1942 for American Airlines & # 39; Continuous transatlantic routes, high-quality, quadrilateral, long-distance flying aircraft, 79.25 feet long, 124-foot wings and 57,500 pounds gross weight, acquired for combat operations how many to serve with charter airlines. Major damage led to his dismissal in 1968.

Unloading from the Gulf of Mexico to Bridgeport, it underwent extensive rehabilitation of the Sikorsky team of workers who had contributed to its initial construction.

As of today, the aircraft drilled in the original aircraft of American Export Airlines has received the first factory turning brushes.

Another, and practically the only, focus in this case is the “Boeing B-29” superframe at the 58th Wing Memorial Complex, which itself bears the name of the wing that was instrumental in the Japanese defeat of World War II. Silvery, elegant, 135,000 pounds with a rectangular, 3,250-mile bomber stretching 99 feet in length and sporting 141.25 feet of wings, and has 11 crew members. Droping the atomic bomb over Dr Aponia, it closed the last curtain of the Pacific Theater.

Outside, as if waiting for passengers, this is the Sud-Aviation SE.210 Caravelle, the world’s first short-haul, clean jet aircraft. It features a nose section that was originally designed for the de Havilland comet. moderately clean, with low wings; triangular shaped passenger windows; two mounted, Rolls Royce Avon engine; and the Lorain tail cross, the cushioned aircraft provided the basis for further twin-plane configurations, such as the British AACraft Corporation BAC-111, McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 and Fokker F.28 scholarships. Two hundred and eighty caravans of all variants were built.

Operated by United Airlines, Denmark’s Sterling Airways and a small air carrier Express Airborne Express, it found its way to the museum after the last carrier donated it.

In addition to the aircraft, the New England Air Museum features a number of themed exhibits, some of which showcase Connecticut and 39th aviation investments, including History of Sikorski Plane, Lafayette Eskadril, AVG Flying Tigers, Tusk, Avus “And” The History of Pratt and Whitney. ” There is also an aviation pioneer & # 39; theater.

Outdoor pavilion days, computer flight simulators, audio tours, speakers, special events, seminars, educational programs, an aviation research library and large wings & # 39; n & # 39; Gift shop completes its offers.

Sikorski Memorial Complex

Tracing its origins to the grassy Avon Field runway, which promoted early aircraft tests and hosted the nation’s first air show in 1911, the Sikorski Memorial Airport, which was the Stratford Public Building, later became known as ‘Straitsford’. there after being landed by Captain Ollie Molisson during his transatlantic experience.

Despite its location, it was renamed Bridgeport Municipal Airport four years after the city of Bridgeport itself purchased it.

Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers Connecticut & # 39; Because of its popularity, it was considered part of the “Arsenal of Democracy” during World War II, and was later renamed “Igor I Sikorski Memorial Airport” in 1972 in honor of man. which turned the city into the birthplace of the helicopter, and whose factory was largely responsible for its expansion.

Its amenities today include a passenger terminal with airline check-ins, three gates, a restaurant and car rental desks. general aviation terminal; private hangers; and two runways – 6/24 foot 4,677 and 11/29 foot 4,761. There is also a 40-foot helicopter.

Progressive termination of service by three regional carriers, including Continental Connection in 1994, Delta Connection in 1997, and US Airways Express in 1999, was due to the length of the existing runway banning larger, more profitable aircraft operations; though they were designed with commercial, rotating wings. was restored after a seven-year break from a US helicopter, returning by helicopter to New York City and New York City’s downtown Heliport. Wiggins Airways provides FedEx Feeder cargo and small packages to the field.

2007 In the 12-month period ended Feb. 28, the Sikorsky Memorial was operated by 77,617 aircraft and had 241 aircraft, 72 percent of which were disposable, 11 percent multi-engine, 15 percent turbine-operated, and two. The percentage was a rotating wing.


Connecticut and # 39’s rich rotating and fixed wing planes, engines and airbags, the seeds of which have planted some of the most popular names, are worthy of a tribute to its many surrounding sights.


Dylan McDermott – Award-winning actor with a secure past


Dylan McDermott is a household name thanks to numerous film and television shows called "Practical and Dark Blue". However, the actor was born Mark Anthony McDermott on October 26, 1961 in Watbury, Connecticut for parents Richard and Diane McDermott. The couple were teenagers when McDermott was born and divorced when she was seven. Perhaps the rocky childhood of this actor helped to convey the emotions that would later be so well expressed on screen and on stage.

Dylan McDermott's mother died in 1967 for what his friend claimed was a gun accident. Her maternal grandmother took on the responsibility of raising McDermott and her sister Robin in Watbury, Connecticut. During his teenage years, he frequently visited his father in Manhattan and helped break bar and bar fights in his father's bar on West Fourth Street. His father's third wife, Eva Ensler, was very close to the young boy and was actually adopted when he was fifteen. She wrote her own roles in the cast and encouraged her to continue acting. In fact, Dylan's stage name was chosen after his stepmother had abducted a child of the same name.

In the acting world, her characters were Marlon Brando and Humphrey Bogart, and MacDermott would try to imitate their behavior and style during his teenage years. After attending Fordham University's acting school, Dylan McDermott pursued dreams of filmmaking, earning himself roles in films such as Twister, Steel Magnolias and In Line of Fire, among many others. Her Emmy nomination and Golden Globe Award-winning role as self-employed lawyer Bobby Donnelly raised his stardom at The Practice. She has also appeared in numerous television shows and stage shows. His latest works are reviewed by Christopher B. In a rocky film in London's flooded coast.

In a personal note, McDermott was married to actress and social change activist Shiva Afshar Rozi. The couple has two daughters, Colette and Charlotte Rose. Dylan McDermott has more than twenty years of sobriety in the fight against alcoholism. In the interview, she says that acting is a form of therapy for her, and the roles she plays are the way to solve psychological problems. Some are dark, some comical, depending on the stage of his life. McDermott's rugged good looks are getting attention from People magazine, Men & # 39; s Health and GQ.


Daren CT Historic Houses. Pond weed house


Built on an approximately 1,700-year-old Boston Post Road, Darien and the Pond-Weed House are a classic Connecticut salt box with a large central stone chimney and sloping back roof. It is considered the oldest house still standing in Darien.

In 1692, Lake Nathaniel, listed as "Bradford's Blacksmith", purchased the land on which the Swamp House is located near the fork and former saddle near Northton River. Settlements began in Darien around 1700, when the first roads were "cut in the woods".

Eventually Darrylne's conversion to Darrylne included a sawmill built on the bank of the river Noroton, a small cabin on the shore of Lake Holly, and was forged by Nathaniel Pon. In 1703 a school district was established.

Immediately after the construction of the pond weed house and the # 39 preliminary design, several additions to the central design were made, resulting in a two-story home – a T-floor floor plan and a thin salt roof line. Nathaniel Pond sold the property to Nathaniel Weed in 1716 "Residential Homes and Barns." It remained in the Veder family for 210 years.

Features of Pond-Weed House & 39th include stone chimneys, walls of semi-circular wrists, exterior doors, exposed framing, upholstery and very early appliances.

In addition to its historical architectural significance and its connection to the leading families of Darien & 39, the building also served as a tavern in the 18th century when it was known as "Down Under the Hill" or "Halfway Home". halfway between Norwalk and Stamford.

In the late 1730s, strong winter storms killed several people who were traveling from Darien to Stamford Church. When the first generation of Darien residents grew older, they offered to create a new, closer parish church to reduce the difficulty of getting a church on Sunday.

1744 This led to St. The lease of Movses Matre, still in his mid-20s, who spent his entire 64-year career in this parish until his death in 1806. Moses Meter became one of the most distant supporters. Chair of American Independence during the Revolutionary War.

During the Revolution, the city was dominated by patriots, with whom Toris fled the Long Island with the community but waged war on the community. The plaque in front of the municipality of Daryan recounts how the "Torahs interrupted the congregation meeting on July 22, 1781, capturing Dr. Matter and forty-seven other men and transporting them to the Voice. Twenty-six of his parishioners spent five months in British jail in New York City before those who survived their secrets were exchanged and returned to their homes. ”

There has long been talk of a pond-weed house when it served as the Half-Way House Tavern that "George Washington Washington stopped here" as it marched south from Boston to New York during the American Revolution.

Today, Pond-Weed House is a private residence located at 2591 Post Road Darien, Connecticut, just west of the Tree and Ridge Road junction. This powerful example of early New England architecture, which is the oldest home in the city, makes it & # 39; in Darien, Connecticut. – one of the most important historic homes.


Memories of items should not be difficult;


Listing by heart is good at being able to memorize, but what happens when you need to memorize more than one or groups of things?

For example, suppose you want to remember the US states, usually called the New England States, which consist of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

You can simply use the Peg system to memorize each list individually, by making a simple sentence for each word, however, there is one more technique that many offer for these types of lists.


Imagine a room in your home that you know well, be it your living room, kitchen, bedroom or office. Imagine all the different things in that room: furniture, decorations, linen, appliances, lamps and other lighting, and more.

When you use Roman room techniques, you combine an object, a person, or a word with something in each of your rooms, so when you need to remember that word, just remember its connection.

For example, you will use your living room for the New England States. What is the main piece of furniture you are sitting on? Now it's all about Maine. What's the freshest part of the living room (you don't have to be technically precise, just pick something new than many)? This will be related to New Hampshire.

Now imagine the panels running to the bottom of this room. You want to keep them sealed so that no glass enters, so the base boards are now associated with Vermont.

What is the biggest living room item? TV or TV cabinet. What has the largest mass will be associated with Massachusetts.

You have a small table or other item that sits in the room itself. Draw this little thing as an island and it will be tied to Rhode Island.

The hall that leads to the next room ties the two together so it will represent Connecticut.

And you have it there. Now go back and think about the things in your living room. You imagine your favorite chair … why? This is your main place to sit. What does the hall represent? Board boards are sealed because …

By using a room that you know very well and by doing this simple association technique, you can quickly and easily remember these groups of information.


We can apply this technique using Ivy League colleges, in particular Brown, Columbia, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton.

Choose another room in your home that you know very well. What about the kitchen?

The easiest college to remember could be Brown. What is brown in your kitchen? How about coffee? Coffin currently represents Brown.

Colombia can be much more difficult. But do you have lips on your kitchen window or on another room door? Do the blinds or the door keeper look like a straight line, like a column? Anything in your kitchen that comes up and down like a pillar will represent Colombia.

Look at your sink & # 39; faucet. If the water came out too hot and burned you, wouldn't you like it? So Yale represents the hot water faucet.

Cornell can also be a little easier. You have your holders of corn. Or a jar of corn with a cupboard.

What about Dartmouth? There are probably many round things in your kitchen, such as a dinner plate or a large plate. A large round object is very similar to an archer, so it will represent Dartmouth.

The butter stored in the fridge is difficult to spread, and something hard to present to Harvard.

The pencils and pencils you keep on the phone are presented by the University of Pennsylvania.

And as for Princeton, you might be thinking of a chair in your kitchen or neighborhood, such as a high chair for a child, or sitting down to eat. Your chair is like your throne … convenient for a prince.


By now you have probably realized that the Roman room technique does not use exact words or phrases from the lists you are trying to remember, and this is an important point.

If you try to use the exact word, you're probably going to hang on. After all, who has something in his house with the word "Harvard" if you don't go there and buy a shirt?

The thing is, you want to remember something that will remind you of the word or item you are trying to remember again. The hard word may remind Harvard. The word shout can remind you of Yale and more.

This is also something to remember, which we have discussed so far in almost all memory techniques. That woman in the wedding dress at the last stop at the bus stop should remind you of dressing in a salad, and of course you can replace anything that works for you. Imagine a man trying to get a horse (on the farm) to go to Ranch dressing, or imagine a woman at a bus stop eating pasta for your Italian dressing.

Of course, this worked and worked when you were trying to remember numbers that were accurate. Getting a "near" phone number won't help you, so how do you remember the numbers, especially when they are too long?


Divorce and the current economic climate – it pays to agree with the expert


Let's face it; the economy is in a great decline. For many, times are not just economical, but they are also hard at home. Unfortunately, for the latter the course of action is often to divorce. However, in a tough economy, the cost of divorce, which averages $ 25,000- $ 40,000, can be very difficult.

In an article titled "Breaking Difficult to Do More" in the February 2, 2009, issue of the Connecticut Law Tribunal, many divorce attorneys saw economic downturns fuel economic growth. More clients are choosing to file a preliminary lawsuit (meaning they have chosen to file and not to have a lawyer), or delay divorce proceedings because they have not run out of money. Unfortunately, some couples have even decided to abstain from divorce and continue their unhappy marriages.

For those who have decided to pursue divorce, there are several ways to reduce costs. For example, agreeing with a business valuation expert, either in the form of mediation / collaboration or through their personal consultation, can be a way to reduce the overall cost of the process. By working together with an independent and certified business appraiser, the divorce process will be faster, more economical and less controversial.

Now more than ever, family judges and mediators across the US are trying to get business valuation experts to make independent forecasts for financial forecasts, tax identification, investment and other financial reserves analysis, private enterprise or Family Limited Partnership assessments. or other fundamental financial issues.

Out of the huge financial assignments and certifications of a business, there are only a select few that are recognized as business valuation credentials. The most highly rated are the Accredited Assessment Analyst (AVA) and the Certified Assessment Analyst (CVA) awarded by the National Association of Certified Assessors (NACVA), which are the only US-accredited business assessment accreditors. : Agency Certification Commission (NCCA). According to the NACVA site, the only difference between CVA and NSA is that CVA also has CPA certification. AVA generally has advanced degrees in business, such as an MBA or PhD or both.

The cost-cutting strategy of divorce and hiring an expert brings up the obvious question: Will the result change? A recent article referring to Divorce Mediators and Joint Practice in America, as well as the Family Law Division of the Connecticut Family Lawyer, has examined the financial consequences of both Connecticut divorces for both mediators and litigants. differences in results. So, by reducing costs, this does not mean that the outcome will be no less desirable.


Stamford CT's Cove Park and historic Cove Island homes


One of Stamford, Connecticut's favorite open water areas is Cove Park, home to the Cove Island National Register of Historic Places. The Cove Island houses are actually a mansion, first built in 1791. It's a Georgian-style house with an older federal-style wing. The Cove Island houses are the last remaining building from the great fire that destroyed the Stamford Mills in 1919.

The Cove Island homes began as a small sewer mill on the eastern edge of Cove Island. In the following century Stamford grew to become Stamford's largest factory.

In 1832 the mill was at the forefront of the science of dyeing textile dyes needed for the emerging textile industry. In the late 1800s, the Stamford Manufacturing Company employed more than 500 workers in the Stamford Cove on a 70-pound water pipe. The main product of the mill was the extraction of textile paints from exotic tropical forests, barks and sweet pastes used in drugs.

On February 19, 1919, a fire broke out in one of the giant acid storage rooms at the Cove Mills Complex and quickly spread to become the most devastating fire in the history of Stamford.

Flames were burning from strong north-west winds, which completely suppressed the combined force of all fire-fighting units in the surrounding community. The sky was filled with Apocalyptic red glitter, and thousands of spectators gathered on the high ground above the mills as the boilers exploded, the extraction vessels exploded and the factory walls collapsed.

The winds were so strong that the two dams broke away from their gloom and in danger of exploding, and the audience watched anxiously as two women and three men demanded salvation by blasting into the chaos.

Emperors who were set on fire by tribal blast exploded in General Skiddy's Pound Rocks Palace and Holly House, which was the center of the Cos Cob Artist's colony, but the rooftop crowd filled them. Fortunately, most of the firebombs from the burning desert were blown up into the sea, and the fire eventually burned itself out, leaving a tangled ruin of coal and charcoal.

Today, Cove Island Park is one of the most peaceful places in the sea and one of Stamford's favorite beaches. Since 2000, the park has been part of SoundWaters, a nonprofit environmental education organization that offers free small aquariums, school trips and family-run venues located 80 feet away. Cove Island Park is 84 acres on two sandy beaches, has a mile-long trail for hiking, cycling and skating, and a children's playground.

Cove Island Parks located in Cove Island Park are in Stamford, Connecticut National Register of Historic Places, and two of Stamford's best beaches for visiting Long Island Sound.


Her Most Popular Sculpture (Lipstick (Growing) with Trout Caterpillar) – Cles Oldenburg


Swedish sculptor Cles Oldenburg created a magnificent & # 39; The Art of Installation & # 39; "Lipstick (Growing) on ​​Milky Lines", 1969-1974. The masterpiece is set at Samuel FB Morse College, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

Following in the footsteps of Caterpillar, the mysterious "Lipstick (Growing)" body consists of a 24-foot lipstick standing on the tank track, which the artist named & # 39; larvae. & # 39; Made of cost-effective raw materials, Claes uses plywood on the base of the track and the top of the red vinyl balloon to fill it for better visibility and focus. He used Cor-Ten steel, steel, aluminum, cast iron resin, which was painted with polyurethane enamel. Measuring Good 23 & # 39; 6 "x 24 & # 39; 11" x 10 & # 39; 11 "(7.2mm by 7.6mm by 3.3m), Stuart Wredd and Yale School of Foreign Affairs students submitted the artwork in January 1969.

"Lipstick (ascending) larvae" was originally placed on May 15, 1969, at the Yale University Beinecke Plaza (Hewitt Quadrangle), to be opened in 1974. October 17. an orange lipstick, mounted on a large steel base, lined with rust-colored lugs, drew a large crowd and surprised Yale. It was Oldenburg's first monumental public sculpture.

Huge works of art symbolize the anti-war moods of art school students. As a gesture of goodwill, everyone from Yale, directly from his students, faculty, and alumni, contributed to the value of construction. In harmony, Oldenburg was also charging a lipstick on the "Paths of the Crows" (growing). " He called the group a secret installation work, as Connecticut's Colossal Keepsake Corporation. Claes decided on Beinecke Plaza as the location.

After all, the corporation legally represented Yale's works of art. Vorsent Scully, a professor at Morse College, commented softly. «Beinecke & # 39; s a natural addition to the dressing table. " At the end of the Vietnam War, the rebel influence became even more vocal in the College of Art. Cales Tank Type Base & # 39; The "Lip on Lip" (growing) lipstick "was used as a rally platform, and the installation was then loaded with posters and engravings. 1970 In March, the wooden traces of the installation were rotten due to environmental impact and abuse. Oldenburg moved the sculpture to its construction site in North Haven. The following year, historians and art lecturers decided to bring it back to college for its latest installment.

Even today Morse College students are inspired by a mysterious monument. Yale students say: "A mother without lipstick is like Yale without rudeness (minus the bells)."


Focus on Watch Hill Rhode Island and Napatree Point


A popular cruise ship in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York is a sailboat in Sutherland, which extends westward, viewed from Watch Hill, Rhode Island, by anyone wishing for a stunning day trip or holiday Enjoy exclusive shopping, exclusive canteens, picturesque seaside destinations, slow and quiet, relaxed and informal.

Anchor north-east from Natri Point fills the river Pavkatuk, which flows into Little Naragansetti Bay, a river at a distance of 320 square miles, flowing at an average depth of about seven feet. the perfect anchor for large ships. Some of the thirty-foot boats prefer returning to shore, the calm water on the northern outskirts or the stunning voyage to the opposite south shore. And there is plenty of beach to go through even the most active rowing months.

In 1938, Nancy Pine, Rhode Island, left Sandy Pink, Connecticut, a devastating storm that ravaged the area, destroying homes beyond their bases that are now anchored. There are still perfect compromises between hurricanes and marine life, hurricanes, nocturnal saltwater and marine life, cast iron stoves, stainless steel refrigerators and metal plumbing, hence the "kitchen".

The Naptree – Watch Hill's connection to the fleet is Eden, which mingles with the quiet anchor, high quality beach, and wholesale city just a short distance away. You can take a casual stroll on Bay Street opposite Watch Hill Harbor, stopping by to visit any small shop, bistro and specialty boutique. For breakfast or lunch, there is a St. Clary & # 39; an app for a traditional American-style dinner or Bay Street Deli to taste the smallest sandwiches anywhere, like anywhere like Bay Street Reuben, The Mooring or Misquamicut. Club You will find several doors from Bruna & # 39; s cafe and delicious hot and cold drinks, yogurts, berries, sandwich wraps, salads, fruit juices, homemade sorbet and gelato.

If you're looking for something a little more formal for lunch or dinner, set up an indoor / alfresco dining room in the Olympic Tea Room and Bar and at the famous landmark, Bluff Avenue on the hillside west of Watch Hill Harbor. and to the east is the Atlantic Ocean.

The kids will love the Silver Horse Carousel, the oldest continuous carousel in the country. For your convenience, Flying Horse Beach has public toilets in the vicinity of the carousel, and ice for your cooler can be found at the Bay Bay Deli or Watch Hill Dock. All this and more is within a quarter mile of walking.

Napatree Beach is a mile-long sandy beachfront overlooking the east end of Hill Hill Light and Fort Mansfield, a Spanish-American warfare deployment now covered in dense vegetation, on the western edge. Napatrey is formed by the soft sand of the crescent moon and the view of Fisher & # 39; s island to the southwest, the Block Island to the southwest of Rhode Island and Montauk to the southeast of Long Island.

Dangerous pool passes from Watch Hill Light to Fisher & # 39; east coast of the island. The safest passage to the east is closest to the lighthouse via Watch Hill Passage, G-1 (gong) and R-21 (red flashing – six bells). From the west, your best way is to cross westbound Stonington, CT, to Stonington Point, following the G-5 north past the G-5 (green flashing green) on the western outskirts of Sandy Point. Stay on the channel and don't head south to Natri Pound until you cross Seal Rock and RN "22" until you have a surface plan.

If you're looking for a high-end destination with a beach, relaxed anchor, fun kids, good food and casual, friendly atmosphere, you'll find it in Watch Hill, Rhode Island and Napatree Point. . I guarantee that you have won and you will be disappointed.


SportGamble.us selects this year's College Football Cup games


Here's a selection of consent from the SportGamble.us staff.

Tuesday, December 14

New Orleans Bowl

North Texas vs. South Mississippi

SG's Choice: North Texas

If so: Miss's defense could stop ario's Thomas from adding his rough statistics that they should be able to keep this one close.

At 7:30 pm

Tuesday, December 21

Champs Sports Bowl

Georgia Tech vs Siracuse

SG's Choice: Georgia Tech

Evening 7. 45th

Wed, December 22


Memphis vs. Bowling Green

SG's Choice: Bowling green

Battle I chose Memphis to win this battle, but the Falcon goal-line, the fourth in the nation, will just leave Memphis no matter how good they play.

8:00 pm

Thur., December 23

PlainsCapital Fort Worth Bowl

Inc Inc v. Marshall

SG's Choice: Marshall

This year Marshall showed up to play big games. I consider a cup game a "big" game, right?

6:30 pm

Las Vegas Regiment

Wyoming v UCLA

SG's Choice: UCLA

UCLA should burn Wyoming with its passing and running game. Although Wyoming has been playing its first cup game in 11 years … that's certainly the motive.

9pm. 45th

Friday, December 24

Hawaii Regiment

UAB v. Hawaii

SG's Choice: Hawaii Islands

All NCAA time leader should have daylight hours against any UAB show

7:00 pm

Monday, December 27

MPC computers bowl

Fresno State v. 18 Virginia

SG's Choice: Virginia

Fresno failed to play big dogs this season, and Virginia is on the horizon.

In the evening 2. At 00:

Motor City Bowl

Toledo v. Connecticut

SG's Choice: Toledo

Does Connecticut have a football team? Well, this was what we would say last season, but they have a QB who can scratch a second. You probably haven't heard of him, but NFL scouts know him very well. Connecticut has a chance to understand the mentality they had when meeting Pittsburgh earlier in the year.

At 5pm. On the 30th

Tuesday, December 28

Independence Regiment

Iowa v. Miami (Ohio)

SG & # 39; s Pick. Iowa

Iowa's explosive crime will give Miami everything they want … plus some.

6:30 pm

Insight Bowl

Oregon State vs. Notre Dame

SG's Choice: Notre Dame

Notre Dame is going to fight for Tyrone Willingham to protect his heart. Oh, we mentioned that they are still a pretty good football team.

9pm. 45th

Wed, December 29

Houston Bowl

Texas-El Paso v. Colorado

SG's Choice: Texas-El Paso

Jordan Carson Carson (name is familiar?) Will finally be able to showcase his talent on national television. Colorado still interested in what happened in the Big 12 Championship …

In the evening 4. On the 30th

Alamo Bowl:

State of Ohio v. State of Oklahoma

SG's Choice: Ohio State

The state of Oklahoma in the big games is no stranger. Unfortunately, they didn't know how to beat them.

8:00 pm

Thur., December 30

Continental tire regiment

25 Boston College v. North Carolina

SG & # 39; s Pick. Boston College

North Carolina lacks the experience of a "big game", while Boston College has the "secret of success" to win the Cup, they have won four straight.

1:00 pm

Emerald Bowl

New Mexico vs Navy

SG's Choice: Fleet

We told the Navy? That's right! These guys finally learned how to play football.

In the evening 4. On the 30th

Holiday bowl

4 California vs 23 Texas Tech

SG & # 39; s Pick. California

Cal is going to punish Texas Tech for pushing BCS out of the picture.

8:00 pm

Silicon Valley Bowl

Troy vs. Northern Illinois

SG & # 39; s Pick. Northern Illinois

Troy has never been on the pitch, and they are not ready to beat one. N. Illinois has a concussion attack that will boost that Troy defense.

Evening at 11:00

Fri, Dec 31

Music City Bowl

Alabama v Minnesota

SG's Choice: Alabama

That's not because we like the SC. Minnesota doesn't play at home …

At 12:00 pm

Sun Bowl

Purdue vs 21 Arizona State

SG choice: Purdue

Arizona comes with their 2nd stringed QB, which should contain Purdue's young but useless good. It is expected that Purdue will issue an Account Board in this one.

In the evening 2. At 00:

Liberty Bowl

10 Boise State vs 7 Louisville

SG's Choice: Louisville

This can be a bowl game of the year. If you want to get offensive fast and hit aggressive goals, this game is for you. In this one, Vegas is going to explode with "total points".

In the evening 3. On the 30th

14 Miami (FLA.) Vs. 20 Florida

Peach Orb

SG's Choice: Florida

If Chris Lakers isn't the best QB in the country, he will be. When the Gators work on all cylinders, I'd like to beat somebody in the country. Pay attention to this one, as it has to be a money maker.

At 7:30 pm

Saturday, January 1

Cotton bowl

15 Tennis vs. 22 Texas A&M

SG's Choice: Tennessee

The Vols just didn't make it to the SEC Championship. I doubt they will choose where they left off. No team should "be" here, so it's definitely one of the better games to watch.

11:00 in the morning

Outback Bowl

16 Wisconsin and 8 Georgia

SG & # 39; s Pick. Georgia

Wisconsin can play the offensive, GA's quick defense will stop the run and force Wisconsin to throw, which has many mistakes to overcome. Georgia wins.

11:00 in the morning

Gator Bowl

17 Florida State and West Virginia

SG & # 39; s Pick. Florida State

The state of Florida put Florida behind them. The ability to win the Bowden Cup holds the "W" written on it.

At 12:30 pm

Capital One Bowl

11 Iowa vs 12 LSU

SG & # 39; s Pick. LSU (restrictions apply …)

LSU is young but has struggled this year for a good game. If LSU's defense can keep the score close, they can pull this one out.

1:00 pm

Rose Orb

13 Michigan vs. 6 Texas

SG & # 39; s Pick. Texas

If Mack can convince his players they are as good as he did the nations as coaches, Texas will beat Michigan's stable team.

In the evening 4. On the 30th

Fiesta Bowl

5 Utah v. 19 Pittsburgh

SG's Choice: Utah

Pittsburgh has slipped in the back door to win the Big East, but I'm afraid Utah will show Pitt how he plays with the Big Boys.

At 8pm. On the 30th

Tuesday, January 3


3 Auburn vs 9 Virginia Tech

SG's Choice: Auburn

Auburn must play for the national title. Look for Auburn to win the big title for the chance to share the title.

8:00 pm

Tuesday, January 4

Orange Orb

1 Southern California vs. 2 Oklahoma

SG's Choice: Oklahoma

This one should go down to the last quarter. Oklahoma should outperform stability.

8:00 pm